Love SEO Avoid Contact Me Content is King it's a SEO myth, the Web Servers Master
Content is King are you sure

Content is King, it's a SEO Myth, the Web Servers Master

Stop & think about it okay!


Updated: 11 Oct 2017  :   Forget Content is King for now & focus on your Server   :   Written materials Master, are you sure?

Contents King only if your servers uptimes >99.99%, your Server is true Master,
if the server has stopped then your written materials Queen, the Boss is checkmate

It's a SEO myth, the Website Servers Master

If your servers >99.99% and always up and running then
the reverse occurs and indeed your content is .

Web Server is King

Content is NOT the pin. With a web hosting Server that constantly floats from 0-76% but should be at 100% what's the use of contents King. I begin on thee subject as it the most critical factor that can affect SEO rank down the line. When someone thinks of an domain name for their business venture, it's a must be read, before any talk of search engine optimization. Business owners wanting a high rank on Google or Bing, before you decide on your domain name and where to buy it. Study where their servers are based and do your homework to make sure their SERVERS uptime in >99.9%. For example as millions keep creating these simple errors. 2 examples, if you operate in Italy, then servers must be in Italy or operate in England, server in England, does it make page loading sense or your materials Queen and not Content is King. When people search, if someone clicks your website and your server in based in Germany then it will take a set amount of TIME (if the servers >99.9% and opertaing) delay to connect to your server abroad to show your website to open it. Time delays you do not want. If the webhosting server operates at far less than 99.9% then your page loading speed dies the death as who waits over 2-3 seconds. See below, look to the Server section, my website servers always at 100%. For your website to load rapidly, it's what Google wants to see, not your server at 29% or 0%. Look to Server below on media file.

Server has to operate at 100%

Want Page #1 on Google & Bing

If your websites just stuck struggling to load pretty quickly and cannot understand why, then read this on at my website that's looks for google or bing high ranking. The article's written with your best interests in mind. Millions of servers aren't >99.9% which makes your content un-king but Queen and useless when the server stops. See media file (above), look to the Server section, my websites always at 100%. For your website to load rapidly, it's what you are aiming for to get Google to rank you well, not 29% or 0% or floating in between, it helps tackle and overcome fast page loading problems and it will enhance your SEO high rank on your website. Go to google or bing high rankings for more about Inbound (Onsite) Marketing SEO.

The Right Web Server Will Avoid Loss Of Page Ranking

It's a touchy subject below, hint!

Content is King or is it the Server you decide

Web Server Before SEO

Every website begins with an brain-storming Light Bulb moment. A stronger idea before a website should be where in the world would your web server be hosting your website will affect the impaction on Google or Bing rank. Review where your hosting servers based before you implement your SEO or it will impede on keyword ranking.

SEO Be First on Google

Less Is More, Makes Sense

A strong presence is achieved through better understanding that really less is more for SEM, as keyword saturation has a negative impact for search engine optimization. The seo strategies are sadly losing web owners ground these days by web designers and SE optimsers. Don't make the same errors as others seem too.

SERP Tools

Find Your Serps Tool

We all need some form of SERPs tool as we humans need internet software to inform us where we are going wrong down the line and it keeps us in check. I only use one tool and it is fantastic. I do use additional pieces of equipment like Google developers tool for making sure that my loading speeds are in tip-top condition so you can find me on Google and Bing. You can forget about using Pingdom, use Google. But beware what other people say, Content is King, it is if your server is not acting up, if it does then what's the use of your CONTENT IS KING if Google's Robot comes calling and sees that its down, your ranking will slip and slide away.

Avoid Loss of Ranking Sometime Soon

Three web examples that have the dreaded server problems. One from a Graphic Design element that floats from 75% to on a good day 92%, an Air Conditioning practice that looks dead at 0% and the third an Auction website that crashed in the processing order stage with their server only at 9%. All 3 are local websites will struggle at some point and lose ranking on Google or Bing. Your written material becomes unreadable and Queen to your server. There's probably Millions if not Billions like these out-there. Could it be the answer as to why you cannot get #1 on Google. Check the below poor servers based on a few UK companies, hover too see their servers.

❶ Design Graphics server at 75%      
Server Issues - Design Graphics server at 75%

Their server currently operates at 75%

➁ Air conditioning server at 0%      
Server Issues - Air Conditioning at 0%

Currently operates at 0% and still does!

❸ Online Auctions server at 9%
Server Issues - Online Auction at 9%

Currently operates at 9%

I read the other day on a forums site that a company's website rank had slipped dramatically, continue ...

.. reading (hovering) here .... Their exact wordings Just last month [Sept 2017] our keywords were performing rather well but last week [Oct 2017] I noticed it has suddenly started to DROP it's ranking for most of it's target keywords. I haven't received any penalty notice or spam notice from Google so I thought it was ODD that it suddenly dropped its rank. Any suggestions and conclusions to remedy the situation will be massively appreciated. I replied, if what they say was true with no added input since, then the only conclusion was their server was being intermittant and probably the cause. I did a check and it's their 'Achillies Heel'. Their Host Server was operating at only 72%, should be greater than 99.9. Even some SEO expert forum guys had no explanation as to why it happened and they class themselves as experts.

Let's Work Together

I hope you have understood what has been covered. Need help, let's work together and by all means contact me, but don't ask me to help make your website as you are probably doing an excellent job of it yourself. If you have a SquareSpace account, re-consider as it loads with huge template CSS's. Ask for help getting higher than your current standing on Google or Bing are another matter indeed. It's the ones that contact that gets ahead. A re-thinks required here, the topic of Content's King is a seo myth, it's your web Server whose Master will throw a spanner in the works. Let's work together.

Branded Content are Irrevelant

If you have a well known brand like L'Oreal, QVC, BBC & the likelihood of these brands using 500 word material are irrevelant as these are branded companies. Ladies, how many female girlfriends do you know whose not-heard of L'Oreal or QVC and go searching for them? Not many they just type in QVC or L'Oreal. The branded companies have it cushy whilst the unbranded need content to thrive.

Un-Branded brands

If your brands in the Un-branded league then it's worthwhile investing by adding transparent material coding to your website as almost nobody has heard of you. By adding a generous amount of material you advert yourself to all that your Brands here searching for you with you own taste of well written coding-material. I have just read about an un-branded business in the US who has written 64 words including links only, they are un-branded. Increase the US material wordings to a bare minimum of 500 words but the material has to written in a specifed way to rank well.

Keep Refreshing Your Material Google Rewards with Better Rank

Google wants to see interesting juicy material from you, so does Bing and your customers. By refreshing your material story weekly, the chances of Google's BOT returning are far greater than to another website that hardly ever updates their own website. Your websites are your diplomatic servant online. It's the first thing people sees before they click your website, your title and description. So make your title strong, relevant and catchy to the eye makes them want to click your site. Always supply a description in a fashionable sentence that people sees interesting and want to read more, it has to be eye catching. A form of SEM.