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Heat shrink tubing PVC Polyolefin LSZH Kynar Elastomer Viton


Below are various
types of heat shrinks

  PDF Layflat PVC
  PDF 2:1 PVC
  PDF Adhesive lined
  2:1 & 3:1 Polyolefin
  2:1 & 3:1 LSZH
  Elastomer Shrink 2:1
  Kynar Shrink 2:1
  Viton Heat shrink 2:1
  Viton Plus Shrink 2:1
  2:1 & 4:1 PTFE
  Silicone Rubber 1.7:1
  FEP/PFA Roll Covers


Heat shrink is like standard tubing, until you heat it is how I first saw how incredible heat shrink performed many moons ago, it just looked like standard tubing until you started heating it's properties and that's when the magic begins. Heat shrink can be incredible flexible, tough, semi rigid or high temperature material that can be used in all market industries with low to higher temperatures starting   PVC   |   Polyolefin   |   LSZH   |   Elastomeric   |   Kynar   |   Viton   |   PTFE   &   Silicone Rubber.

Heat shrink tubing, which type 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Heat shrink tubing

Which type 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 heat shrink tubing to use, these polymers comes in an varied temperature and forms of flexibility polymers in   PVC   |   PVC Layflat   |   Polyolefin LSZH   |   Polylefin Adhesive lined   |   Elastomeric   | Kynar   |   Viton   |   Viton plus   |   Silicone Rubber   &   PTFE heat shrink tubing.

Heat shrink tubing, how to use them

Polyolefin heat shrink tubingHeat shrink tubing, how to use - when inserted over your object and ready to heat shrink it down, the best guide is to always heat from the middle working outwards so the heatshrink holds the middle area to avoid slipping and gradually proceed to one end and then from the middle again to the opposite end, which avoids air being trapped under the tubing or sleeving.

Heat shrink, adhesive lined polyolefin or LSZH polyolefin

1. Polyolefin heatshrinks are flexible, thin wall, flame retardant operates at -55 to +135C. 2:1 Polyolefin, 1.2 to 152mm (3:1, 1.5/0.5mm to 40/13mm). 2. Heat shrink 3:1 & 4:1 Adhesive (Glue) lined, a polyolefin tube, dual wall, semi flexible, supplied in thin wall. 3. Heatshrink low smoke 2:1 LSZH - polyolefin flame retardant sleeving so has no added halogens for LSOH thin wall & LSZH medium wall, ID 1.2 to 102mm

Non polyolefin heatshrinks in PVC, Elastomer, Kynar, Viton, PTFE below.

Heat shrink sleeving PVC 2:1

2:1 PVC heat shrink sleeving, general purpose, thin wall, UL is ideal for electrical busbar distribution centres, handles, ropes, chain applications - 3.2 to 101.6mm

Heat shrink tubing elastomer 2:1

2:1 elastomer cross-linked, flexible, designed for areas that needs protection against abuse at high temperatures, 3.2mm to 76.2mm

Heat shrink tubing kynar (PVdF) 2-1

2:1 kynar, a super thin wall, super tough, chemical resistant, semi rigid polymer.1.2 to 25.4mmm

Heat shrink viton & viton plus

Viton heat shrink 2:1, a co-polymer of vinylidene & hexafluoro propylene, viton a premium grade, withstands chemical attack, oil and diesel resistant. sizes from 3.2 to 50.8mm. Heat shrink viton plus is exactly as previous viton but with added temperature of 10% more than standard viton. Sizes from 3.2 to 50.8mm

Heat shrink tubing, ptfe

2:1 & 4:1 PTFEs are used in highly critical & extreme environments due to it being the highest temperature in all polymers, 2:1 and 4:1 PTFE.

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Whatever type(s) of 'heat shrink tubing' you are searching just may be here from PVC, Polyolefin, LSZH, Kynar, Elastomer, Viton.