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SEO Secret Formula UK Cutting Edge Technology Rochdale

SEO Secret Formula UK
Cutting Edge Technology Rochdale

Seo secret formula cutting edge technology from UK Inventor SEO Rochdale, rocket boosts websites ahead of competition, scientific R&D that pushes boundaries.

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SEO Secret Formula UK
Cutting Edge Technology from Rochdale.

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Yesterday evening, when I got home from an SEO Meetup in Chorley, I received my very first like on facebook. It was not from any Tom, Dick, Harry or unknown Joe, but from a credible SEO Keynote Speaker. His name is    Lukasz Zelezny.  I am proud to get his approval for what I am doing here. Hope other Speakers reads this site and likes what I am doing too. Looking to help others in the North of England romp ahead on Google with incredible cutting edge technology.

SEO Secret Formula UK Cutting Edge Technology Rochdale!

My   New style SEO  it’s been R&D from scientific cutting edge technology is the single most important ingredients that transforms any website from a Lada into a Rolls Royce.

Founder & Brexit Inventor designs a simple to install White hat secret SEO formula. Once it’s applied, it explodes any Brexit or Remain website into Life.   How it is structured it applies ingenious styled structures that fires up Google. This awakens Google to focus more on your website over all others. Nobody else has this amazing futuristic formula SEO that will Upset so many businesses in this field but bring Joyous Benefits to the many.

Since being introduced to Search Engine Optimisation

I have always operated as a freelancer. A freelancer whose invented something truly remarkable. It is in a form of a shortcut, a cutting edge technology that moves boundaries. I had my own business in for nearly 3 decades. Once the internet arrived in 2002-2003, I bought made a so-so website. I didn’t have any secret formula back then, a few months flipped by, only a few emails, something was missing. I decided to search for a solution & came across the aka term   !?! SEO &#!   Spent 12-18 months reading into it. This was a part-time job for the business. Since then, I’d enough of it & to prevent the dreaded Alzheimers or dementia kicking in, concentrated on something that keeps my brain ticking over. Somehow I was plucked out of thin air by Him I think and given   the insight,   the secret,   the formula   to   ranking highly on Page one on Google. Why me, only Him - God has the answers.

Skeptics or Sceptics it is time to look to another website, bye bye

Now at this point the Skeptics or Sceptics it is time to look to another website, bye bye. I was doing a bit of landscape gardening one Sunday afternoon, an idea flashed past me. Installed it on my website offline and uploaded it waiting for googlebot to crawl and within 7 days or so my ranking started to rank steadily. Another idea popped into my head and this is something I thought of over 10 years ago but couldn’t get it to function, poor CSS. Nothing new has popped in recently. Although I have found another by chance tesing this incredible technique. I needed to know how good, bad this tonic was. I searched on our friend il Capo Google & searched from page 1 to page 10 & came across      SEOBILITY.   I’ve never heard of them, but German companies makes impressive goods like BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, Kitchens. I inputted my details and ran the test. Astonished on how high my score had scored. High in the green zone high 90s and beyond was blooming as the Americans say is Awesome, score 92%, brilliant. I now needed to know how well or unwell my loading speeds was on these Google test pages      Pagespeed-Insights    &      Pagespeed Mobile Friendly    for mobile loading issues. After some clever thinking, by thinking outside the box, my score on mobile hits a whopping 99% on desktop 100%. Passes mobile friendly test too. I knew then that I had a recipe for success, something that nobody else is using and nobody is talking about online. People who takes & applies link below on board follows it to the letter will robustly benefit their rankings and out-perform their competitors, and you will. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says on the UK PPI commercial Do It Now! only joking. This would be an ideal opportunity for Brexiteers & Remainers struggling to find my business overseas. In actual fact page one ranking on Google, the cost of this is in monetary terms is .....      Priceless.  If anybody from the SEO world wants my cutting edge idea, then we should be able to come to some arrangements yes.

These 3 boxes are touchy subjects.

Watch Your Rankings Sky Rocket with my SEO cutting edge technology

Search Engine Formula

I dont have the right equipment to be a Digital Marketing Agency & really I do not need to be. Now as a   SEO Inventor,   this is where my talent lies. I do not know where this knowledge came from but all my ideas stem from working in the garden landscaping after a couple of three cups of espresso coffee. Gardening seems to bring out the magic SEO formula ranking. With this secret formula properly installed, just sit back & watch your visitor rankings explode. You do need a few backlinks to rank, a bakers dozen, but you can forget about searching for loads of links. If your content is poor & Google agrees to downgrade your site, then what is the point. Here just sit back & do other interesting things to you. You only have to check it’s ranking on Google once a week & that’s it.

Clever Content Writer

Robust Keyword Content

This clever piece of kit still requires your Old search engine optimization & content plus images to work. It masks a clever technique based upon your keyword density of your written or copywriting content. Basically you write your content as you see fit & generally write between 500-1,000 words in sectionable paragraphs, a bit like writing a book, books has chapters, same principle here. Once completed, send it off to the grammar & spell check police, it is boring but it must be done. Then the clever ingredients are applied & hey presto, off to the tool testing lab at Seobility. After-that it is uploaded & getting Google to crawl quickly is another thing I can show anybody that is struggling. Google should rank you highly within a couple of minutes,   no waiting for googlebot.   The days of waiting a week for googlebot to crawl are a distant memory. If your written content is robust & solid like mine, then ranking page 1 on Google can happen straightaway. I was surprised when it happened to me a few months ago, I couldnt believe what I was seeing & it is still there today. Ranked within 2 hours & on Page 1, this marketing marvel is so powerful on its own. If only   Chiang Mai SEO   saw this power in action it would turn heads and scratch the brains of those who talk about it.

Get in Touch If Your Stuck

Need Help, Get In Touch

If you are using this remarkable & future of SEO but have gotten yourself in a knot & cannot unravel your errors. Connect & I will give you my home address for you to call in & we can go over it to correct it. Please do not worry, I do not bite, my wife & I will offer you some espresso but I would appreciate a link at the base of your site so others can enjoy their elusive page ranking themselves as it is futuristic   it is open to anyone, Overseas, USA, CA, DE, IT, FR, JP or even Brexiteers & Remainers.   They say, in life, you cannot get something for nothing, but that's exactly what I am offering the chance to get ahead of your competitors & its for   FREE.   Generally, SEO is for a younger generation of 20 to 40s, Im well past that stage plus I am giving some knowledge back to the internet. The treasured secrets revealed 100%. Someone has found the right combination to succeed.

Making Search Engine Optimisation Easier For All Including UK Brexiteers to Remainers

Before offering it, I actually wrote letters & posted them to these companies in the United States. None of these companies have this incredible formula on their website. Waiting & waited to no avail. Tried emailing various SEOs that I could think of, again to no avail. I have gone past the age of 60 years & so decided to publishing the secrets for FREE to  Sole Traders & Charitable organisations, it requires a permanent backlink    (if no permanent backlink is visible, then you will be liable for compensation of £10K) give it away so these have the same chances at getting that elusive page they all want. Well in my books, if you make a website poorly or impressively there is only one goal & that is to getting your website above your competitors. Now you can & enjoy the benefits as the hard work has been taken away. All you have to do is apply it to the letter. If anybody needs help, send me an email & I will give you my address so we can both look over your errors & get you back on the right track. Making the powerhouse of the North strong again.

An easy way of generating more business is available by thinking outside the box, invented by myself. I am the Founder & Inventor of this new formula from Rochdale that never ever gets a penalty, because it is very clean (only White Hat here) in the html coding & is available freely to all, invented for the Northern Powerhouse Brexiteers & Remainers that works wonders. A British invention, you can now forget about outsourcing, but with help & assistance from Me! See image below or header, your website can command an excellent standing too.

This can be your website if you put the effort in, look at the page Load Time.

Ranking Page One Google Seo Formula Secret

There Must be Hundreds if not Thousands of Companies with Parochial Vision

There must be hundreds if not thousands of companies who have a tunnel & parochial vision and cannot see that there is a path to success. Let’s look at a handful of companies:

From a little unknown Average-Joe; you will never get on in life if you listen to their parochial vision. Common sense tells me, one day someone will bring to the table a clean & transparent way. Have an open mind, try it and see! This is your Gateway to Page One. It will not be an instant overnight ranking page one, Google prevents you and places your website in their waiting room department for approx 120-150 days, then the dream of getting occurs.

In the early online years, success is often not achieved without pain. Today success can easily be achieved without pain, failure is now in the past. Quote: J. Pidburskyj. Follow it to the letter & ranking page one Google is highly possible.

About Me, I am British, 50% Italian & the other 50% Ukrainian, I reside in Rochdale. During the summer months of my youth, my second home was TAPACIBKA & later in life the Hospoda for YKPAIHA folk! Over the weekend 15:12:18 the site I have been talking about is now sitting on Page One & happily competing with the big players! So can you too.

 Once you have acquired the KNOW in SEO knowledge ranking extremely well becomes very boring these days. Who would write such a bold message if it was not true.

SEO Meetup Manchester Rochdale

Jaroslaw Pidburskyj

Cutting Edge SEO

To be successful online, you need the Cutting Edge Techology of SEO for visitors to find you and becomes your customers. As each week passes SEO is becoming harder, well it is time for a change. I researched a clever but simple technique that explodes any websites into Life!

It immediately wakes Google up. It takes about 120 days to get on page 1.

Once you get there you stay there rubbing shoulders with big DA hitters.

Page 1 is now available for everybody even the young lady starting afresh from her basement flat.