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Power and Telecomms

end caps 20/7.5 mm


Heat shrink

Adhesive lined polyolefin, medium wall, heat shrinkable, endcaps 20/7.5 mm

9/3 mm thin wall

3/1 thin wall

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, medium wall,
endcaps 20/7.5 mm for Power, Rail and Telecoms

Adhesive lined heat shrink - Medium-Wall - EDW9

Medium wall polyolefin tubing

like our Heavy-Wall, medium wall polyolefin glue tubing is also a halogen-free adhesive lined heat shrink tubing that is designed to provide reliable insulation performance against oils, solvents and to combine lasting properties with toughness, strength and flexibility for electrical splices that's widespread use in cable repair and terminations, joints and connections but supplied with a lesser wall thickness.

EDW9 is an ideal choice for insulation electrical splices in the field of protection to cable cores of plastic, paper insulated cable terminates, PVC, steels, rail cable-terminations and insulation in-line cable joints on low-voltage up to 1kV.

The way these semi-rigid polyolefins are manufactured, make them an practical solutions for Power, Rail and Telcommunications, they provide an extremely tough outer-sleeve body which prevents abuse in the field.


Glue lining tubing

It is similar to it's counter-part the heavy wall version, it has the same expansion ratio to accommodate constructive insulating and sealing qualities, jointing and splices, the glue sealant forms an encapsulation against water, moisture, and other environment substances that could agitate the splices or terminations.

Medium wall EDW9 is factory made with standard glue sealant. The sealant is a thermal-activated thermo-plastic material that remains in a soften and flexible state for as long as needed if kept at 25C temperatures.

Medium wall - Ensuring long term performance for cable repair, corrosion protection of cable accessories.


EDW9 easily to use, has large expansions just like it's EDW10 thicker twin that allows recovery ratios to accommodate constructive power, rail and telecom insulating and sealing cables over large cable splicing substrates, battery splices and low-voltage battery wires.

EDW9 is an ideal insulator for rail, power and telcom cable solutions where sizes are required to cover a range of cables and splice diameters from 8 mm (0.315") to 170 mm (6.69").

Colours for rail, power and telecoms

All sizes available are in black only, other colours are currently not available.

Adhesive lined shrink, 4 foot lengths

They arrive in 1.2 m lengths sticks or 4 foot lengths in inner glue or without glue inner tubing, keep out of direct sunlight until ready for use.

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, medium wall, rail end caps 20/7.5 mm 


Primary insulation electrical for dielectric cables to 1,000V

Outdoor, Indoor or Overhead use

Operating temp.; -55C (-67F) to +110C (+230F).

Minimum use flame temp; +120C

Glue inner or without thermoplastic inner lining heat shrink.

Polyolefin benefits

Cross-linked polyolefin's true benefits; it's glue or non-glue lining optional expanded design resembling that of our polyolefin heavy-duty wall, but with a lesser wall thickness. Both medium and heavy-duty thick walls have an outer sleeve is made of cross-linked polyolefin, the inner coating is a thermoplastic glue lining, both produces a 3:1 expansion ratio, the heavier wall to tackle abuse, although the medium wall prevents also, non flame retardant used and withstands the most severe mechanical needs for the Power, Rail and Telecomms sectors.

3 to 1 shrink ratio drawing polyolefin adhesive lined

ID Ranges

The medium wall polyolefin heat shrink has more ID ranges to consider than the heavier thick wall, but has lesser wall thicknesses.

  EDW9 Medium wall

Inside Diameter
Supplied Expanded

Inside Diameter

Wall Thickness

  Medium wall codes Dinchesdinchesmm
  EDW9   9/3-093/83.1181.9
  EDW9   13/4-0121/24.1572.2
  EDW9   16/5-0160.635.22.3
  EDW9   22/6-0220.8761/42.5
  EDW9   33/10-0331.30103/82.6
  EDW9   40/12-0401.57121/22.8
  EDW9   52/16-0522.016.633.0
  EDW9   63/22-0632.48193/43.2
  EDW9   75/22-0752.95227/83.2
  EDW9   80/22-0803.15227/83.2
  EDW9   100/30-01003.94301.183.3
  EDW9   120/34-01204.72341.343.3
  EDW9   140/40-01405.5401.573.4
  EDW9   160/50-01606.3502.03.6
  EDW9   180/60-01807.1602.363.6


Adhesive lined polyolefin end caps


We also offer a medium wall polyolefin halogen-free End Cap size 20 mm /7.5 mm. End Caps 20/7.5 is a moulded adhesive lined end caps internally with an glue sealant. Positioning the endcap or end stopper over the end of the cable making doubly sure the cable ends are clean and dry. Apply rotating heat using a flame gun to recover the cap down to form a reliable seal, when the glue seeps out then it's finished, allow to cool on its own.

Polyolefin medium wall, end-stopper sizes

Need larger or smaller sizes of adhesive lined end-stoppers or adhesive lined end seals, they start from 12/4 mm (1/2") and work their way up to 160/92 mm (6.3").

Adhesive lined polyolefin, medium wall

Polyolefin adhesive lined heat shrink, medium-duty wall






EDW9 heat shrink, Yes.

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