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AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE AS41087

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AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE

AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE SB30

Precision engineered cable tidy for aerospace, ptfe cable tidy on computers and ISPs. It is an excellent engineered versatile pliable harnessing precision binding material unlike the slitted cheaper options around as cut-tubings which can cause chaffing of wires.

PTFE plastics for computer systems allows breakouts of single or multiple hardware cables

AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE AS41087 SB30

 SB30, fairly adjustable to meet your stringent requirements, allowing breakouts of single or multiple hardware cables for a greater effect. Polytetrafluoroethylene spiral wrap has moulded unique features of contoured edges which prevents damage of which spiral cut-tubing lacks, it will eliminate lacing cord and tie-offs.

Cable tidy for ISP = Internet service providers

Areas used: Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Commercial and main frame super-fast servers, ISP = Internet service providers for cable tidy on web hosting server main frames, for protective abrasion and breakage on horizontal, vertical or circular glass tubes, the list is endless.

AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE AS41087 SB30

      SB30 Binding spirals other precision design pointer features

AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE AS41087 SB30

  • Designed to put on or remove with ease.

  • Precision engineered quality.

  • Wraps are a real time saver.

  • Springs back pretty well.

  • For multiple cable outlets.

  • Will produce fumes if burnt.

  • Tolerates high temperatures to +330C.

  • Practically fire proof & water proof.

  • Resins used are derivatives of UL94.

  • Protection for computer hardware.

  • Can be re-used time and time again.

  • Protects glass tubes from breakage.

  • Eliminates royal lacing cord & tie-offs.

  • AS41088 is resistant to oils, hydraulic fluid oils and diesel oils.

  • Has contoured beaded edges to protect cable against chaffing.

  • PTFE, (low smoke) zero halogen free, sadly no, but okay at +260C.

  • OEM markets for protecting lighting tubes and cable loom harnesses.

  • Abrasion protection wrap on ISP servers & glass tubes from breakages.

  • Its very tough, allows cable wiring to not lose so much flexibility, has an added improvement on air-drag for commercial and military aircraft.

    Need SB30BK, SB50BK, SB75BK, SB125BK, SB255BK or BICC EC63 materials, then we can help here too.


PAN6480 uses; for wire wrapping & fuel manifolds. Approved to: AS 41088 and PAN6480, also used to AS41087 & AS-41087 standards as well.

ID Sizes

Standard sizes for AS41088; 3.0mm | 5.0mm | 7.5mm | 12.5mm & 25.5mm.
Continuous reel sizes and in bags.
GTB 30 BLK on reels.
GTB 50 BLK on reels.
GTB 75 BLK on reels.
GTB 125, GTB 255 are supplied in bag lengths.

### Need any in-between sizes, we do offer GTB100 (10mm),
GTB200 (20mm) and GTB300 (maximum 30mm) all to order only.

Special colours

For any coloured spiral binding the following applies as examples with minimum order quantities for colours;

Natural, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray or Grey, White, Pink, Silver, & Metallic Gold, only solid colours.

PTFE AS41088 Spiralwrap Colours : White - Made to Order supplied on reels only.
GTB30-NL-500   or  GTB30-9-500.

Black is standard; non standard colors; to order.

Data for AS-41088

AS41088 Operating temperature: -70C to +260C continuously. GTB will operate for short durations up to +320C, thereafter above +330C it starts to combust, so above +260C it cannot be halogen free, below yes, it can only be so within the parameters of the temperature range of -70C to +260C.

Flammability to UL94 V-0. Water Absorption: 0.01%.

Always fit the best spirals as

You might be surprised just how competitive these wraps are to these lesser alternatives and your customers or distributors will inspire to return time and again back to you.

EU - European Union & Global customers who don't have a valid VAT number will be charged VAT (IVA). Should you require a Manufacturers Certificate of Conformity, then please let us know.

Standards AS 41088 & AS41087 with flammability to UL94 V-0

  Electrical Properties

  Dielectric Strength40-80kV/mmASTM D149
  Volume Resistivity10^18 Ohm cmASTM D257
  Surface Resistivity10^17 OhmASTM D257

  Mechanical Properties

  Tensile Strength ...

31 N/mm²

DIN 53455
ASTM D1457-81

  Elongation at Break ...


DIN 53455
ASTM D1457-81


  Shrinkage ...


  Shore HardnessD55ASTM D2240

  Thermal Properties

  Service Temp. Range-70C to +260C
  Melting Temp. Range+320C to +340C
  Thermal Conductivity0.25 - 0.50W/m.kDIN 52612
  ² FlammabilityPassesUL94 V-0

  Storage Conditions

  No Special Requirements


² Polytetrafluroethylene is essentially non-flammable, it will sustain combustion in an environment containing greater than 95% oxygen. The Flash Point is +530C. It has a UL rating of UL94 V-0 and due to its high melt viscosity. It does not drip when heated over its melt point. Provides an additional safety margin in case of fire.

AS41088-75 or AS41087-75

Always fit the best precision engineered materials.

AS41088 tubing, plastic, spiral binding wrap, cable tidy PTFE AS41087 SB30


All colours are RoHS, Yes.

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