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I’m offering cutting edge scientific researched & developed for new style search engine optimisation in Manchester for successful ranking with innovative new style of SEO secret. If you are a sole trader or small business searching for Manchester SEO connect. I am more than a consultancy, I am your business partner. If you are a larger business requiring assistance please   get in touch.

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SEO Manchester Search Engine Optimisation Secret.

Most SEO freelancers, agency’s or digital marketing sites forget a couple of key basic factors and jumps head first straight into the science of SEO without challenging these critical and vital areas. The SEO side can wait for now. Anyone requiring my knowledge to gaining a foothold on the first page of Google, I concentrate on 2 areas which have huge benefits to your mobile market access. The first is tackling your   Pagespeed Insights.   Your site has to gain entry into the Green Zone (90-100%) to stand any chance of passing   Mobile First or Mobile Friendly.   (See skills bars) Currently my sites pass pagepseed insights, fully mobile friendly, scoring an impressive 100% for search engine optimization, and even my server is impressed as it operates at 100%. The page fully loads in under 100 milliseconds (0.1 secs). I always say,   test it and see.   If I was looking for a freelancer who impresses such with these skills, then I would get in touch straightaway, what do you think?

I’m supplying you with some credible information: Rememeber whatever your web designer, seo or digital agency’s pagespeed score currently is, your site’s scoring will be almost be a mirror image to theirs! Visitors will only wait   2-3 seconds for your site to fully load.   Does this makes sense?

There is a new style of SEO that has been regularly active since 2017. It has not been as active in this field but as my marketing partner whose female and comes up with some incredible ideas came from near to the centre of Manchester suggested I focus here to accessing a greater marketing potential to benefit the small business and sole traders.

Any larger businesses that thinks I can be of help to them as well needs to   get in contact.   So, What is SEO? says   - Search Engine Optimisation or Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility or a web page in a webs search for unpaid results, ie Organic, Natural, Media, etc etc.

I see it as: You the visitor searching has to find the right person who has the KNOW in knowledge.

She or he knows more than the others, where to look and how to apply the right subtle incremental adjustments required to justify to Google and its partners. Their knowledge on your sites override all others producing the correct White Hat techniques that turns and makes Google’s head do a double take focusing more in your direction.

SEO Manchester Search Engine Optimisation Secret Skills

Pagespeed Insights for Mobile & desktop, your goal is the green zone


Mobile First Passes & not just Partially


Innovated Optimization Scores


Web Server

Better than 99.999%  

Web Design - Still in it’s infancy. I’m not a web designer!


CSS - Cascade style sheets, I bow to these guys


These 3 boxes are touchy subjects!

Pagespeed Insights is a ranking factor for Rocketing your SEO

Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed Insights is the first area most people forget to fully concentrate. If your page loading is being restricted and struggles to open way past the 2-3 second guidelines, will it switch off your visitors, what do you think? I will show clever ideas on how to overcome some of these tricky errors like   eliminate render-blocking Javascript & CSS above the fold content.   These stumps most people dead in their tracks. Now before I made this website, I did some testing today (11:03:2019) on various websites on page one on Google to test their pagespeed scores. Here are the results of these companies that only rely on their backlinks to get on page one. See the results below. I am using my site plus 3 well-known websites as examples currently ranking on page one and page two. I am only concentrating on the mobile testing as this is the future of search. Using ± 2-3% tolerance.


Mobile First or Mobile Friendly

Mobile First Mobile Friendly

Mobile First or as some say Mobile Friendly. To stand a very good chance of passing this important test, it is essential that the previous section hits the green zone. Mobile friendly tests is the second area most people forget to fully concentrate. Many individuals checks to see if their page passes as quoted Page is mobile friendly then leaves opening the bubbly without sitting down and having a good hard look around. Maybe just maybe there is a hidden message waiting for you. I have used the same 3 websites plus mine as a guide. Refining these areas indicates to Google that you are a serious player and to make them pay more attention towards your ranking goals. Passing mobile friendly and Google notifies you that your website will be more active on smart-phones, so more searchable appearance and better CTRs. The signals you need to look out for are increasing your written content by placing or replacing your font-sizes to between 15 to 20px. Secondly, separating your internal & external links for our human fingers pads as your fingers are a constant, so by altering the settings of your website’s CSS to fully passing this test.


Manchester SEO Secret Formula Keyword Density

Robust Keyword Density

Every website has some form of percentage   keyword density   installed for better or even worse case scenario. The general keyword density standard for any website is between 2% to 5%, any greater stuffing your site becomes lethargic and unresponsive. I prefer to use my own intelligence on this and refine it more to my tastes. Want to know more,   get in contact.   My new style of SEO uses the keyword density formula to explode your content with robust keyword density. Want to know what it is? You will only find out when you employ my services as this is a trade secret of mine. Your website needs the trigger to fire the rocket that propels your site onto page one on Google. If you are thinking we can get there within a couple of days, then sadly, you will be disappointed as Google restricts all fresh or optimised sites by placing them all in their waiting room department from anywhere from 90-120 days. So if you are searching online for SEO Manchester or Manchester search engine optimisation then you have found the right person to help you move forwards and upwards.

Re: Backlinks - I believe Google does not require you to have hundreds or thousands of backlinks before you enter page one on Google. Why? Because this isn’t set by Google but was placed in the mindset of people from people in this field to generate vast sums from visitors and customers. I am currently ranking one of the most difficult long tailed keywords around. On Opera, out of 1.02 billion searches I am sitting 3rd on page one, on Google out of 1.01 billion at number 4, the amount of backlinks I have for that page is TWO (2) and that is it. I believe it is possible to rank on Page 1 without any backlinks after the ageing process with Google. This statement has to be unorthodox and whacky thinking. The last time I acquired a backlink for over 10 years ago. Who would publish such a story if it was not true. I’m very passionate about this subject and my thinking has changed with the knowledge I possess today. Most are still trying their different tricks to get ahead. I will never get a penalty from Google. Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin etc etc can deploy every day of the week and I still will not get a penalty. Penalties and stress are for others that cheat the system plus it is not worth it. Play within the rules to win and keep it simple.

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About Myself

I used to run my own services business in another sector for nearly 30 years. Times changed, now I concentrate all my time running this interesting topic of which I have a strong passion for. I don’t offer web design, no PPC, no SM, only focusing on search engine optimization. My skills are SEO & Pagespeed! We have to write our content for our visitors plus what nobody says is, in that we also have to code it to Google too.