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Free Mobile First Friendly Test Errors Neil Patel Moz SemRush

Free Mobile First Friendly Test Errors
Even Neil Patel Moz SemRush

Mobile Friendly or First but not Partially like Neil Patel, Moz or SemRush, there might be a hidden free message that billions have missed. Are you sinking in a Paddlingboat or happy in a Speedboat, which ARE you?

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Which Are You Friendly Or Just Partially

Which Are You Mobile Friendly Or Just Partially Friendly


Hint!! If there is anybody reading this that has a SumoMe <script src="" data-sumo-site-id="7baeaa" async></script> in your header. Maybe its time to remove it as it is blocking Googlebot. I contacted Sumo and was told everything is mobile friendly, do not worry, I told them this is bullsh*t, I removed mine and now all is okay. Go to the  SumoMe site, scroll down until you see 2 images of ..

  • 1) Tommy Griffith at - His script load is removed
  • 2) Pat Flynn at - Same here too, why?

Now if you visit their website and look for their bookmark top right, its missing. Ask youself why? They have tested their page and found that it is blocking Googlebot which only produces a "Partially" instead of a Green light for Go.

Mobile First & Friendly Or Errors Mode

Firstly are you in the tested errors category? Im a SEO thinker and helper whose brings this message to the attention of everybody who left Googles mobile friendly test site happily not knowing that the bubbly they opened to celebrate was a glass has left not knowing but with a sour taste. There might be a test error hidden message complements of Google. Im guessing here, there must be millions if not billions of websites that have been to Googles mobile friendly test site. They came to check whether or not they are really "Page is Okay" but I wager that most are not so. Why is this? Well, when you first came here, you tested your site and saw Page is mobile friendly then left never to return. The people that did this made a  colossal lapse of judgment.  If you or they had stopped ❗ sat down and looked around the test site you may have seen an hidden message sitting waiting just for you. This message will have stated that  your website is ONLY partially mobile.  I refer you to the header image showing an horizontal red bold section, next to that button section, it may show

⚠   Page loading issues   VIEW DETAILS   can you see it towards top left image, this is a VIEW BUTTON

you should have clicked to check whether of not you are or are not Page Mobile Friendly. You are not alone here! Neil Patel,, Forbes of all people, Semrush and probably many other so called top SEO agency's globally are in the same boat but do not know this. Just the other day, I highlighted this to Lukasz Zelezny, his .uk website plus another company and also Uswitch have all fallen foul.

I see that a well known chap in the SEO circles (I have never heard of him since about 6 months ago) he also has a site from Neil Patel. This guy rushed his testing & thinks all is well, but he missed one critical area. I give three examples of partially loaded sites from some of the supposedly best out there: Neil Patel | | | and a fourth you can test yourself from SemRush:

  • Neil Patel SEO - Only Partially Loadable he forgot to ❗ stop & double check ❗ his site.
  • is another supposed big shot whose site is only Partially Loaded.
  • of all people is another that’s Only Partially Loaded.
  • I will let you test their site for yourself, look out for the VIEW DETAILS button.

Yes, in todays IT / SEO environment, it is a rush, rush world without fully testing and checking that all is well. They think they know it all, but sadly this is not the case.

Test Whats needed to be Mobile Friendly

Generally, whats needed to be mobile first, their are a host of factors. Let me explain: 1) Look at the image opposite, two types of platforms yes. The Left platform structure fails miserably and the Right platform passes, can you see why, No? Left, the font-size is tiny, should be within the boundaries of between 15px to 20px on any mobile screen the user will not be able to see your content. The Right sided is more visible and larger in content. Left again, the buttons are far to close together whilst the Right are perfectly positioned. These are some of the factors that you have to overcome to be Mobile Okay. Additionally, there are other areas 2) You may have blocking agents on your robots.txt. Google wants to see everything, so no cheating. It sees Googlebot has been blocked by robots.txt. If you want to be fine here, unblock them. There are some sensitive data, but their could be global businesses sniffing around, so best bet, call in to the surgery.

Mobile Structured Platform or UnMobile

Rub Shoulders With The Likes of Neil Patel, Moz, SemRush

Im doing on the first week of each every month an   SEO meetup,   where you can learn interesting and powerful ideas so you can compete with the likes of neil patel, moz, semrush, here I stop!

If interested and you are curious, connect with me, the website will be updated on a regular basis. You cant miss it as its always on page 1. Come down and discuss any issues you may have. It will be very basic, room for 4 people at my home to start, hopefully it will grow. Less people is More, it is better one to one or one to four basis you will grasp it quicker, no speakers will be present, no sponsors and definitely no Google or Bing!

Someone will be probably thinking, why are you doing this for free? Well, the problem that I have is my age, I am the wrong end of 60. Generally in SEO marketing, it is more signed up by degree graduates much younger people in their 20s, 30s or 40s and that is why. Im not a degree graduate, but I know something they will never teach at university. Even the lecturers do not know this global secret mastermind invention.