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Mobile First Pagespeed Insights Loading Speed Pages

Mobile First Pagespeed Insights Loading Speed Pages

Half the battle is won when your Mobile First is achieved & Pagespeed
Insights Loading Speed Pages
scores high in the green zone (90-100%)

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Probable Bounce Rate

Probability Bounce Rate

Any greater than 6 seconds and your probable bouce rate explodes upwards.

Mobile First Friendly Loading Speeds

Once you have overcome the Aintree racing hurdles for pagespeed by hitting the high echelons of the green zone, you have to test your site for Mobile First Friendly to see if your structured layout sits in harmony to have any chance of ranking rather well on search engines. I use an unknown free licence platform that is superfast loading, if you want it,   connect with the SEO Inventor.   Which are you, Brexiteer or Remainer this will boost your ranking with more visitor numbers and ultimately more customers. Can you cope when it happens?

I see that a well known chap in the SEO circles (I have never heard of him since about 6 months ago) he also has a site showing the very same topic from SEO Neil Patel. This guy rushed his testing & thinks all is well, but he missed one critical area. I give three examples of partially loaded sites from some of the best outthere: Neil Patel | Moz.com | Forbes.com:

With people today, it is a rush, rush world without fully testing and checking that all is well. They think they know it all, but sadly this is not the case.

 Pagespeed Insights Loading Speeds

Pagespeed insights loading speeds, Im constantly ripping my hair out, struggling to understand why o why are people test their page loading speeds on GTMetrix or Pingdom. A little secret for you to save wasting your time & efforts,
 Both GTMetrix & Pingdom do not have a search engine,  or do they? It is Google we all have to satisfy, why? Because it is simple: they have a search engine and their Algorithm formula is totally different from any other tools. Pagespeed insights, Googles tester page has just recently had an upgrade and it looks a tad difficult to many visitors, but the errors have not changed from the old site. The problematic one to really worry about is Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript & CSS above the fold content, it stumps the hell of a lot of people. Focus more on mobile, its more important than desktop.

Nobody wants to see this when a site tries to load.

Page Loading Speeds

Youve got 2-3 seconds or you have lost that visitor for good.

Pagespeed Insights

Although Googles site has changed and made it a tad more difficult for most users, the general standards of the old website stilll applies. Below are the guidelines to overcome. I will not be giving the pagespeed solutions on how to rectify them as their maybe some pesky Global businesses sniffing around. They can sort their own mess out. By all means, send me an email with your domains address and I will be more than happy offer a solution.

Page Speed Optimise Prioritize Minify
Render-Blocking Javascripts CSS

Page speed optimise prioritize minify render-blocking javascripts CSS. Some of the areas that require your urgent attention that gets you scoring high in the green zone;

If anyone, well almost anyone is struggling and needs some free advice, then please get in contact and I will gladly offer   My Services for Free. I will not provide the answers here as some Global companies might see the answers. I have always been a small business and will help small businesses advance. The Multi Huge Global businesses need to rectify their own Errors. If you are a sole trader, freelancer, small business   or   medium business   here in the UK or Overseas then please get in touch and I will advise what to do. To fulfil these areas, you have to think outside the box as Googles thinking has changed in recent years. Half the battle is won here when you resolve this area, then you can start to implement the   SEO Secret Formula   that explodes websites into Life! If anyone is interested and wants to call in to discuss further, contact me. Im doing on first week of each month at   SEO meetup,   the website will be updated on a regular basis. Come down and discuss any issues you may have.

Someone will be probably thinking, why are you doing this for free? Well, the problem that I have is my age, I am the wrong end of 60. Generally this SEO marketing is more signed up by much younger people in their 20s, 30s or 40s and that is why. If anyone has come here from Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo and wishes to advance their website that explodes into Life, feel free to visit my    SEO formula page   that does just that. This SEO formula will excel     Brexiteers and also     Remainers really it is designed for any website, even bloggers too. - J[Slough]P