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Mobile First Pagespeed Insights Loading Speed Pages

Pagespeed Error Solutions will vastly increase YOUR page speed insights

Half the battle is won when your Mobile First is achieved & Pagespeed
Insights Loading Speed Pages
scores high in the green zone (90-100%)

Test Your Site On PageSpeed Insight Before you Start Here

Then write down your score! Adjust each step then test your Pagespeed score as you go along!

Eliminate Render-Blocking Javascripts and CSS above the fold content - The solution is to think the opposite to what you have read on various seo websites. They probably dont know any better. You have probably read to place all your JavaSscripts at the footer just below where the site ends </body></html>, this is correct. And additionally, the  Clever Technology  is to place all your CSS there too is the piece of the puzzle they do not know, any that still blocks you will have to open fully and either place here or within your <head> section. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights.

Enable Compression - Look for the right radio button marked something like Optimize Website on your cPanel and its sorted. Your site will be enabled, loading speeds will be faster. it GZips your page by a whopping 70-75% and increases your loading speeds. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

All your CSSplace like this example, <script type="text/javascript" src="href=https://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/2018/abc.js OR .css"></script> just before the finish of the page at </body></html>

Minify Unwanted White Space Vacuum it Up

Minify or Minification CSS - Your job is to vacuum up all the unwanted left sided White-Space for Western world and right sided for Middle Eastern states. You can save a whopping 20-25% by doing this. There are websites that offers assistance but if you have Microsoft Word, open it up, copy the whole of your CSS and paste into Word. Click the align left tag or align right tag, the wordings will re-align and you want it to align left for Western, align right Middle Eastern Arab. This rectifies white page and increases googlebots crawl factor. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

Minify or Minification HTML - Vacuum up unwanted white space on HTML page. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

Minify or Minification JavaScript - Ditto same again. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

Have you noticed a pattern, adjust then check each time, write down the figures! Your score should be increasing UPwards.

White space at (\) has to be removed! Minify CSS, hover example:   \<body id="myPage">
      \<!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->
           \<iframe src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?
        \id=GTM-XXXXXXX" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe></noscript>
      \<!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --></span></div>

White space at (\) remove! Minify HTML & JavaScripts hover example: \<!doctype html>
  \<HTML lang="en-US"> <-- If in USA, if in UK then just use "en"
      \<title>TITLE OF YOUR WEBSITE HERE</title>
        \<meta name="description" content="ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT GOES HERE">

Blooming Fast Page Loading Solutions

Page speed optimise prioritize minify render-blocking javascripts CSS. Some of the areas that require your urgent attention that gets you scoring high in the green zone;

Optimise or Optimize Images - These four sites to optimize/optimise your images. They are:

1)  ImageEnlarger   2)   DynamicDrive   3)    Compressor   4)    GiftOfSpeed.   -   Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

Prioritize Visible-Content - One sticky wicket. If you have a slideshow in your header and Google cannot understand it, it produces an error. Change the format to another. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

Reduce Server Response Time - They are a few factors here that can interfere with server response time 1) Your servers uptime has to be greater than 99.999%, most are far less. Ask your webhosting company what is YOUR uptime? 2) Using far too many JavaScripts will interfere here too. Each JavaScript loads separately so if you have 20 of them then you have problems, try reducing them one by one. The same applies to your CSS, the more you have the more it slows. - Test your page on Pagespeed-Insights

If you rectify all the above you should satisfy Google and achieve a high 90% rating. Mobilefirst or Mobilefriendly website testing is here at    Google Mobile Friendly.   If anyone, well almost anyone is struggling and needs some free advice, then please get in contact and I will gladly offer   My Services for Free.   This is the first thing (apart from your web hosting) you must overcome before anyone attempts to apply their own form of SEO, otherwise it will hit you sometime down the line. Im doing on first week of each month at     SEO meetup,   the website will be updated on a regular basis. Come down and discuss any issues you may have. Somebody must be thinking, why are you doing this for free? Well, the problem that I have is my age, I am the wrong end of 60. Generally this SEO marketing is more signed up by much younger people in their 20s, 30s or 40s and that is why. If anyone has come here from Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo and wishes to advance their website that explodes into Life, feel free to visit my      SEO formula page     that does just that. This SEO formula will excel Brexiteers and also Remainers, it is designed for any website, even bloggers too. Can you imagine what the true cost of this package must be? It probably costs several hundreds on Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Hryvnia, Zloty, Krona, Krone, Lira, etc. I only ask for you to place a link at the bottom right of your Index page: Making. <a href="http://www.shrinkfit.co.uk" target="_blank" >SEO.</a> Easier. For. All. Others can access the SEO knowlegde by Making. SEO. Easier. For. All. Well. Almost. All. Google & Bing are not invited here.