Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing 28/9 mm, in stock, quantity 50 x 1.2m (4 foot) lengths.

Adhesive lined heat shrink polyolefin tubing

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing polyolefin with thin wall

Heavy-Duty, Adhesive lined heat shrink polyolefin tubing

Cable Networking Solution

(like our Medium Wall) heavy wall, a thick heavy-duty material that is designed as a cable networking solution for insulating, for abuse related situations, for telecomms cable sealing electrical connectors, power & rail cable connections in the field and for cable jointing on low voltages.

EDW10 is sturdy and robust in construction, an ideal power choice for insulation cable splices in the field of protection to cable cores, PVC, most metals, steels, paper insulated cable terminations and insulation in-line straight cable joints on low-voltage up to 600 volts.


Heat shrink applications

with its expansion ratio to accommodate constructive insulating and sealing qualities over sealings and cable jointing, the added glue layer encapsulates a barrier-bond against water, moisture, and other environment substances protects for the Power, Rail and Telecoms.

EDW10 comes made with glue sealant as standard. The adhesive polyolefin heavy wall sealant is a thermal-activated thermoplastic material that remains in a soften and flexible state for as long as needed under ambient temperatures.

EDW10, an ideal for communication and rail accessing networking power solutions.


EDW10 installs easily and has large expansions that allows recovery ratios to accommodate constructive insulating and sealing over large substrates, battery splices and low-voltage battery cables.

EDW10 is the right choice for solutions where a minimum of sizes are required to cover a range of cables and splice diameters.

EDW10 colours

All sizes available are in black only, other colours currently not available.

With glue lining or without

These materials arrive in 1.2m lengths or 4 foot length sticks, with glue lining or without, but keep away from direct sunlight until required in open air assembly.

Adhesive lined heat shrink polyolefin tubing with thin wall  

Semi rigid features

♬ Persists with severe mechanical copper abuse over-ground and direct buried jointing installations.

♬ Rated 600V, +90C continuous use.

♬ Operating temperature; -55C (-67F) to +110C (+230F).

♬ Minimum flame temperature; +120C

♬ Optional thermoplastic glue lined inner lining for environmental Power, Rail and Telecoms cable jointing protection.

Cross-linked benefits

Cross-linked polyolefins true benefits, it's glue or non-glue optional expanded design. The outer sleeve is made of cross-linked polyolefin, the inner coating is a thermoplastic glue liner, produces a 3:1 expansion ratio, heavy wall to tackle copper wire abuse, non flame retardant used where it's not required, withstands the most severe mechanical hostile areas.

Adhesive lined heat shrink polyolefin tubing with thin wall

EDW10 heavy wall

Inside Diameter
Supplied Expanded

Inside Diameter

Wall Thickness

  Heavy wall codes DInchdInchmm
  EDW10   9/393/83.1181.8
  EDW10   13/4121/24.1572.4
  EDW10   19/6193/461/42.4
  EDW10   28/9281.193/83.0
  EDW10   38/12381.5121/24.1
  EDW10   50/1651216.634.1
  EDW10   68/22682.6822.8664.1
  EDW10   90/30903.54301.184.1
  EDW10   120/401204.72401.574.3

Tubing size ID 28/9mm

EDW10 is supplied 28 mm and will fully recover to 9 mm with a wall thickness of 3.0 mm. Any size from 25 mm to 10 mm, EDW10 will cope successfully producing a tight abuse resistant fitting cable sealing joint.

Adhesive lined, 9/3 mm bore

Polyolefin adhesive lined heat shrink, heavy-duty thick wall are RoHS

Abuse Heat shrink Power Polyolefin Adhesive


EDW10 heavy thick-wall, Yes.

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Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing.