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PTFE milky clear heat shrink tubing

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PTFE milky clear heat shrink tubing

Using UL paste material.

High temperature polymer

PTFE heat shrink tubing is a single thin wall thermoplastic tube that operates at extremely high temperatures of -70C to +260C. Whilst the material is very lightweight it is designed to provide insulation and mechanical protection in the most severe chemical and thermal environments.

PTFE structured benefits

It has a sound benefits structure unlike other electrical polymers, it has the lowest anti-stick values obtained under conditions of high pressure and low velocity. Due to its very low surface energy it has excellent anti-stick properties, preventing the build up of sediment or carbon. High mechanical strength and extremely low co-efficient of friction (non-stick) as mentioned, this makes HST(09)T suitable for reducing damage to components at extremely high temperatures.

PTFE milky clear heat shrink tubing, loves high temperatures

2:1 thin wall to American Wire gauges

HST(09)T (above) is a thin wall milky transparent colour, its an extremely tough with good resistance to common fluids and solvents and a high dielectric strength. If you are searching for non-recoverables.


Heat Shrink Applications

It is transparent in appearance (but when it's at recovery temperature it becomes completely clear) and suitably used on hydraulic hoses and small couplings to prevent contamination and corrosion protection attack.

Pre-shrunk clear sizes

We are offering a pre-shrunk or supplied diameter : 5.2 mm
Recovered diameter : 3.1 mm
Wall thickness : 0.38 mm

.... a single thin wall of which needs a minimum of +327C, temperatures below this will not produce any movement.

PTFE in transparent

Available here, but if you need black or any other colour; Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, contact us maybe we can help you, our minimum quantities will not be as large as wire and cable from other companies.

Prices for HST tubing

For HST(09)T 5.2mm, please email us below. You will not expected to pay £15.12 per mtr like from here.

Reel quantities

HST(09)T 5.2 mm is currently supplied on 100 m reels, if you require less quanities, then we can cut to 50 m hank coils, but should be able to have around an odd spool to re-spool it.

Temperature rated

Milky transparent in appearance it is rated to -70C to +260C. It needs a minimum of +327C before any movement occurs.

16 mm, 25.4 mm & 38.1 mm, small continuous cut lengths

16mm, 25.4mm and 38.1mm, PTFE milky clear heat shrink tubing, loves high temperatures


We have small limited quantities of 4:1 recovery ratio in 16 mm (0.63"), 25.4 mm (1") & 38.1 mm (1.5") available as some companies only require a small-ish quantity for a set job. Customers looking for small quantities but did not want to pay huge prices from global distributors. We have these sizes available should anybody be interested, get in touch via email only.

PTFE milky clear heat shrink tubing, loves high temperatures


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