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PTFE Tubing, Sleeving & Sleeves
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PTFE Tubing, Sleeving & Sleeves

These non-stick PTFE sleeving have low friction, very high resistance
to chemicals, solvents at high temperatures to BS2848 Type 6 Class 250T

Non-sticks love aggressive temperatures

There is a unique difference in temperature and quality between some standard polymers, but PTFE sleeving and PTFE tubing are in a league of their own. They are extremely stable of high temperatures with the material performs successfully operates at very high temperatures. They retain a measure of toughness even at temperatures approaching absolute zero. Classed to BS 2848 and operates at 250T. They are one of the few polymers that retain a measure of toughness and loves operating at strength even at cryogenic temperatures. Sleeves have been used safely in outer-space at temperatures approaching absolute zero.

Are Virtually Inert

Virtually inert to most chemicals, solvents do not attack or dissolve it, weathering properties; They are extremely hydrophobic and sheds water almost totally, it is vitually unaffected by oxygen, ozone, or UV light. Flammability; yes, but it is non flammable, UL94 V-0 rating. Friction and anti-stick properties extremely low co-efficient of friction. Due to its very low surface energy, they have excellent anti-stick properties preventing the build up of sediment or carbon.

Non stick in standard, thin walls to BS2848 Type 6 Class 250T

PTFE Tubing, Sleeving & Sleeves 

In Standard, Thin, Heavy wall, Imperial tubes & Metric wall to BS2848 Type 6, 250T in various types of non stick & wall thicknesses, PDFs below. These materials have excellent chemical weather resistance & low friction which gives fluoro-plastic polymers their very unique properties and places primarily with the electrical industry with them extremely stable at high temperatures.

Sleeves and tubes, temperature rated & BS 2848 Type 6, 250T

Although they can continue operating for short durations up to +330 to 340C, their general standard operating temperatures are from -70C to +260C, they are non-flammable, UV resistant, oxygen resistant and are ozone resistant. Polytetrafluoroethylene data sheets are below to BS 2848 Type 6, 250T, BS EN 60684 for Standard, Thin, Heavy, Imperial & Metric walls.

Electrical tubing and sleeving properties

They have unique electrical properties, a very low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, excellent dielectric strength, plus a high volume of surface resistivity. Safe working voltages, approx. 40kV/mm to VDE 0303/part 2.

Heavy wall tubing HW - Heavy Wall, BS2848 Type6, Class 250T

Metric wall sleeving MW - Metric Wall Sleeves BS6746C colours

Imperial wall tubes IW - Imperial Wall to BS6564 - BS 6746C colours

Standard wall TW - Standard Wall to BS 2848 Type 6, Class 250T

STW shows all sizes for each wall thickness on one sheet STW - Thin Wall to BS 2848Type6, Class 250T

Thermal Properties:
Service Temperature Range: -70 to +260C
Melting Range: 320-340C
Thermal Stability: 0.25-0.50W/m.K.

Tubing, Sleeving PTFE Sleeves & Tubes BS2848 Type 6 Class 250T

All our PTFE are RoHS, Tubing, Sleeving PTFE Sleeves & Tubes BS2848 Type 6 Class 250T

All our high temperature tubing and sleevings are RoHS.

  We have limited quantities of 2 x 4 metric, [ ID 2mm x 4mm OD ] in Natural -
  Clear, actual available quantity, 18 m or 59 feet on continuous lengths.          

  We have STW9 [0.119 inch or 3.02 mm x 0.008 in or 0.203 mm] in Brown actual
  quantity on continuous lengths of 80 m or 263 foot any interested companies, contact us.


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