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For Free Ranking Page One Google Secret Formula SEO Magic 1 Definitive Guide 2019

Ranking Page One on Google
Free Secret Formula SEO

Ranking Page One on Google free secret SEO cutting edge formula that GUARANTEES your scoring will jump by 20% to 50%. A free SEO cutting edge technology that scores from 20% to 50%. No shortcuts, then what is this it’s a shortcut solution.

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The Holy Grail in the form of a SEO Shortcut that
everybody says is not possible. I don’t listen to these
folk but R&D a solution. What do you guys think of this?

The Above Image Shows How Your Website will
Rank Page One on Google With “my White Hat Style!”

Ranking page 1 google free secret formula, explodes any websites into rapid active Life, Google notices your robust magical talent. This has an huge impact for small businesses wanting that rank. With this formula in place, your website will explode into LIFE with cutting edge technology.

Yes, the term Search Engine Optimizer was invented in the USA, but the Search Engine Remedy Has Been Invented in Rochdale, UK. Nearly everybody said, sorry folks but there is no SEO explosive shortcut to page 1, how incorrect they all are. Has anybody tried finding the remedy, yes, I have!

Some say you have 7-10 secs to impress your visitors audience, oops, you’ll have to read the whole page over and over until the penny drops. The SEO formula comes in 2 halves to have an excellent chance in ranking on page 1 Google.

My free secret SEO formula guarantees your scoring will increase from 20% to 50% through scientific cutting edge technology. Before you start reading how to apply the secret formula, test your website SEO score, then “Test My Website”, write down the 2 scores! Try them both Pagespeed Insights & Pagespeed Mobile-First.

Ranking Page One on Google By Inventor Of SEO Secret Formula Using White Hat For Free

So you want to be ranking page #1 Google, paying fortunes in Ads, ranking page 1 Google is highly possible. His secret formula SEO is a free licence to use for all well almost all some bad apples no way. It will accelerate & explode your visitor traffic, seo ranking page 1 google from  inventor Jaroslaw Pidburskyj,  his secret sauce is available to all. His name is a mouthful, so call him Slough.

He has designed it as simple as possible. Apply this within your website and use putting a huge dent in Alphabets Adwords. His secret SEO magic formula will have issues in many areas but a page #1 ranking google is now possible for sole traders to small businesses. Page 1 ranking google for free is now highly possible & explodes websites into life, even yours.

It is a very clean, fully transparent & clean-coding style. Google sits up & focuses more here, it sees the clever formatting of how your creative writing is written.

The style is like sprinkling gold dust on your best keywords and exploding them magnetically to Google. We all know that gold is not magnetic, hmm, here they are. How to apply the magical futuristic sort of SHORTCUT of getting the rank you want.

The first place you need to look is a hundreds or thousands of miles away where your web hosting company are based and how efficient their uptime is. If your business is based within the UK, then your Server has to be located within the UK.

This gives you some delay-saving waiting for it to load from Google. The web hosting company’s uptime has to be better than 99.999%. It’s best to research before you buy and remember cheap as chips isn’t the best policy. What is their Reliability & Uptime like ¡

1 day, your website will lose its “Organic, Natural, Unpaid, Serps page ranking” because you forgot to focus here at the beginning.

A Young Child Can Install This Cutting Edge SEO

1st Part of Cool     Cutting Edge Coding

Within his cutting edge technology, he focuses on Images, he show’s you 4 titles within Images that Google cannot ignore.

 The First Part of the Futuristic New SEO 

#1 Ranking Page One Google

All your images JPGs, JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, SVGs must be insulated & stored into media folders within your server! Do not place your images within external sites.

His images are held in a folder <img src="/google/", yours can be anything from <img src="/images/".

The H1 & Title must be written the same:
Ranking Page One Google Secret Formula SEO Magic for Free

He has entered all his TITLE wordings into his Image URL. The image URL ends in .gif, .jpg, .png. You must do the same to succeed. The most important area of a website is what? It’s your websites <TITLE> & <H1> Tag title, always write the same wordings for both H1 tag and Title. The above image is a smaller header image. Next is have all your images, your JPGs, JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs & SVGs ’ALL WITHIN YOUR SERVER’ & NOWHERE ELSE. Any image you use, your website must have the title wording arranged and linked in the image, example: his image is written as the title.

The TITLE & the H1 which are written as 1 and is written in your  

  • Title & H1 Tag exact wording in Image URLs
  • The Title of the page & The H1 title has to be the same
  • Title = H1 are 1 in Alt Tag
  • Same again, the Title of the page & The H1 title has to be the same
  • Title = H1 Tag in ImageTitle Tag
  • And again, the Title of the page & The H1 title has to be the same. This is the 1 area that people do not even look. Some add a title to their anchor tag, adding to an image is just as powerful.

This knowledge informs Google that the title has been delivered to you 4 times and you should investigate in depth this robust site and rank accordingly. This completes the images area with the SEO secret formula. When you know what to look for & how to apply the secret, it is plain and simple. Wait a couple of days to a week & do your searches within  Google images  for your images. Some people prefer to search for images to find you, it is called Organic Image Optimiser. My area covers all the angles. There is a 4th title coming up next (and it is within the H1 Tag).

Secret SEO Formula Alt & title Description, this is where you place your alt & title tags
Final Part of Futuristic Cutting Edge     Coding.

 Final Recipe Using Robust Keyword Density

Here is the Final & most radical, the futuristic approach using keyword density that sprinkles gold dust & turns them magnetic to Google. Before you apply the formula, you have to work out what your keyword density for your website.

 Web Site Word Counter This counts every word within your page. For effective results use 0.5 to 2% for keyword density. Do a simple maths test, what’s 2% of his total words 3,944 = in his case it’s 78. Use up to 78, his Keyword Density for keywords optimised around the website, preferably within the first 100-200 words after the H1 tag. He returns to Robust Keyword Density within the next paragraph for the next part. With his formula, you can robustly magnetise your keywords like this.

RKD - Robust Keyword Density for up to <b>Your Best Keywords</b>
78 times is acceptable & his score. Robust Keyword Density formula; the total number of words within YOUR site multiplied by either 1% to 5% above 5% and you can forget about ranking. You most probably end up spamming yourself to death.

Instead of <b>ing “tel numbers”, “people” or bad ranking stop words use the RKD
system within keywords that are in the  TITLE ✚ H1 tag = Strength! 

The area below provides a typical H2 heading and info example that has been masked using keyword density to show how YOUR websites will look. The left sided is written as normal, focus within the right sided yellow sector, it is a mirror image of the left. When the added CSS snippet is included all will vanish so nobody but Google will know how you did it, out-ranking your competitors. H2 heading, note the heading H2 has no bold tags within it, they work for a limited time until Google understands and then your ranking starts dropping away. My cutting edge produces the staying power.

Input His SEO Secret “Robust Keyword Density” Technique

<H1>Ranking Page One Google Secret Seo Magic</H1>
This H1 tag is written correctly, keywords are used once!

<H1><b>Ranking Page One Google</b> Secret Seo Magic</H1> Some People Still Use This Outdated Yesteryear Technique.

The above <H1> is now the 4th title of the page with the written <TITLE> now the 5th. He has shown and have supplied Google with 5 titles of importance where most website owners deliver 1. Recap, the first is the TITLE, the 2nd is the H1 tag, the third the Image URL, the forth is the ALT tag and the fifth is the Title Tag that links to the ALT tag and the Image URL.

Just Writing ...

<p>Hello, it’s Jaroslaw Pidburskyj, keep it simple call him “Slough”. He’s the guy who invented this magical secret to ranking page 1 in Google & if you use this clever cutting edge technology SEO shortcut you do not need to go searching and hunting for backlinks as this is all powerful enough by itself. Everywhere he read people wrote; sorry folks but there is no quicker way SEO, how incorrect they are. Test it, submit it then forget about it, but check it by searching it’s ranking factor.</p>

<p>He is not a Top SEO Expert or the best as a search engine optimizer, nobody is, there is always others who is more knowledgeable. He is just an average nearly elderly guy who has a desire, an interest as a Search Engine Optimizer. He first tried this approach over 10 years ago & it failed, his knowledge of CSS back then was pretty dreadful, it is a touch better these days but still awful. 5 years ago, (this idea resurfaced in his head) he re-tried this clean coding technique in his CSS and was amazed that now it worked.</p>

SEO is a lengthy process, not a sprint, wrong! Here it is a Sprint a Ferrari after visiting Google’s waiting room department.
This is an example of writing set into paragrahs rather than 1 straight written way.

Robust Keyword Density

His R&D New Idea cutting edge content

<h2>Ranking Page One on Google</h2>

<p>Hello, it’s Jaroslaw Pidburskyj, keep it simple call him “Slough”. He’s the guy <b>who invented this magical secret to ranking page 1 in Google </b> & if you use this clever cutting edge technology <b>SEO shortcut</b> you do not need to go searching and hunting for backlinks as this is all powerful enough by itself. Everywhere he read people wrote sorry folks but there is no quick way SEO. Test it, submit it then forget about it, but check it by searching it’s ranking factor.</p>

<h2>There are no Experts</h2>

<p>He is not a <b>Top SEO Expert</b> or the best as a search engine optimizer, nobody is, there is always others who are more knowledgeable. He is just an average nearly retired guy who has a desire, an interest as a <b>Search Engine Optimizer</b>. He first tried this idea over 10 years ago & it failed, his knowledge of CSS back then was pretty dreadful, it is a touch better these days but still awful. 5 years ago, (this idea resurfaced in his head) he re-tried this clean coding technique in his CSS and was amazed that now it worked.</p>

This is showing you his way of optimising any website is  Adjusting your brainwaves this way  by “bolding all the words in the TITLE = H1 tag” will get you what everybody wants “ Page 1 Ranking in Google ”.

Write your TITLE & H1 title tag together with ALL
<b>best keywords</b> in the bolded tag mode
pointing back to your TITLE & H1 Tag.

He found out that what’s written in TITLE & H1 Tag must include the strong tags to the TITLE & H1. Most webmasters place the incorrect info in the bold tag modes, example: they place them with their opening times, tel numbers or people names, all incorrect. Bold them to the written TITLE and H1 Tags for explosive results.

That is how to explode your website into life.
The next area shows how to avoid spamming yourself.

Unsure it is okay for you, make a mirror site of yours & test it, try it at SEOBILITY or here   SEOPTIMER.   If it was of such poor quality, I would not have submitted it to Google. This clean neat technical snippet software is easy to apply a child could apply it “plus” it never gets a penalty. This makes ranking easier, plus there is no need to go searching & for backlinks anymore. It’s so powerful it works, but do not tell Google or Bing.

He have witnessed by robustly pointing your keywords near the top 100-150 words of the page is better seo optimised than near the bottom. THIS INFORMS GOOGLE THAT THESE ROBUST KEYWORDS ARE HIS MOST IMPORTANT TO BE REVIEWED IN HIS SEO RANKING. THEY ALSO HIGHLIGHT THE FACT THAT THEY ARE KEYWORDS THAT ARE USED IN THE TITLE & H1 Tag.

All the robust keywords must be linked to your H1 & TITLE as the title is the message your website that draws visitors to your site.

Place your robust keyword FIRST in the <TITLE>1ST KEYWORD, 2ND KEYWORD ETC ETC</TITLE> that is shown within Google’s SERPs then keep your H1 the same too. (<H1>1ST KEYWORD, 2ND KEYWORD ETC ETC</H1>). Do not place your Brand first as if you are an UNKNOWN Brand nobody knows you.

When you refresh your website all these <b>KEYWORDS</b> will show up in BOLDED mode. In your CSS which regulates your website, add the following clever snippet: b{font-weight:normal} at the beginning, somewhere in your stylesheet file. You are not doing anything spammy or illegal, you are still showing Google but hiding the BOLDED coding from your competitors. Refresh and they’ll disappear. They are still there but your competitors do not know this.

Remember calculate how many words your website then multiply by 0.5-5% should give you your keyword density (Keyword density range is from 0.5% to 5%) greater than 5% = keyword stuffing. Remember the term “Less is MORE”.

Restrict your written to under 4,000 words. Write your written work and try to start with your best lengthy tailed keywords first into the sentence specifically for your customers. Write from 500-1,000 words, this includes any breadcrumbs, external or internal weblinks to other sites, your address, tel., email details etc blah blah blah inserting various H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 tags.

Use 1 H1 tag! Why? SEO tools pick up the first H1 tag to work out your score. It ignores the other H1s.

Write your H1 title cleanly not is spammy: Never repeat a keyword over and over, its pointless, example:

<H1>SEO Expert, SEO Local, The Best SEO</H1> H1 SEO is repeated 3 times and spammy.
This looks far better <H1>SEO Best Local Expert</H1>

<h1>BEST LENGTHY TAILED KEYWORD, THEN THE NEXT BEST ETC</h1> ❗ Use keywords in the TITLE & H1 only.

Do not use any stop words, like these: I, In, An, Un, No, Do, Or, Untitled, Welcome To, Of, Home, It, Is, The, A, About, After, All, Any, Be, Because, Both, these are FULL STOP indicators. There are hundreds more.

With your <h2>sub heading</h2> include 1 of the main keywords.

Write a paragraph sentence relating to that sub-heading,

next sub-heading H2 or H3. again include another keyword

and another paragraph sentence. Never ever, ever use any H1 tag within an image, it just does not work and it is a wasted H tag, plus it returns an empty tag score.

Never jump H Tags example: H1, H2, H3, H5 (This is incorrect), should be H1, H2, H3 & H4. Jumping H tags decreases your scoring.

When you are happy with your written work, STOP❗ & do a spelling and grammar check. It is laborious but necessary. He uses Windows Document to find the grammar & spelling mistakes, do not do it and a percentage of your meta score will be downgraded. Spell testing makes your brands image with the customers looking at you more efficient yes.

Vary around your H tags from your H1 tag. Restrict the use of keywords in any H tags to a minimum of 3. Example: H1 lets say your best keyword is Bing, place Bing in H1 tag as the first keyword, then Bing again in any H2 tag as the first keyword and Bing again in any H3 again as the first keyword, H4, H5 or H6 tag. Increasing the word Bing to 4 or more times might assume spamming. Have you heard the saying: Less is More it is very true, the less keywords you insert the better your ranking will be with his 2nd magic SEO secret.

❗❗ Never ever use the <strong tag> in H tags, they work for a while then Google finds out and the listing starts falling, because H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 tags are already BOLD, DOUBLING UP DOES NOT MAKE THEM MORE ROBUST.

His now 2019 guide is FAR more superior than hiding them in H tags.

Never Stray Over Your Meta Data Limit, It Will Hurt Your Ranking By As Much As 20%

⇑ Always include a Meta descriptive message. It is always wise to double check before submitting your sites. Never stray over your meta data character limits, it can hurt ranking by as much as 20%, that’s 1/5th. Your meta title should be restricted to approx 50-60 characters and this includes any spacing between words. The same applies to your meta info, restrict to approx 140-150 characters. If you go past these threshold limits, 3 things happen, it makes your website look amatuerish when searching. The wordings after that point will not be visible and probably not count. Thirdly, it will affect your page scoring by as much as 20%. Apply cleanly and stick within the rules to be successful.

Always Test With The Tool Before You Upload


Seobility Online SEO Software & Free SEO Tools

His search began for the right SEO tool (humans make silly mistakes, seo tools corrects the errors!) it is from SEOBILITY. Their might better tools if you go searching.

He doesn’t use any other, there is no need, search audits can be made in a couple of minutes. Their search engine optimiser tool is free to use or you could purchase it to do more in depth testing. He has kept using their free mode. When Seobility opens, scroll down 75% of the way and you will see 3 white boxes,

1) SEO CHECK - checks all your website & your server.
2) KEYWORD CHECK - How effective each keyword is.
3) SEO COMPARE, he hardly uses this area, but you could.

2019 Search Engine Optimiser Formula

⇑ Apply all the info provided and watch your rankings suddenly jump after 1-2 weeks. When you have some time spare, check it’s ranking process, type in 1 of your robust keyword density and search for your website. You will be amazed where you are ranking. The first place to start looking for your website is in images, thereafter within Organic (or free) searches. Generally you can rank straightaway from 2 hours to 120 days within page 1. He managed to do it, rank within 2 hours and even he was very surprised but he has managed it twice now, so it’s rare.

Search Marketing Meetup Tiny In-House

⇑ He is doing an in-house   SEO meetup with limited spaces, any sole trader or small business is welcome, not Google or Bing, Semrush or Moz, during the day. He has been using his technical cutting edge method for quite a while now and can happily command a page 1 ranking for some of the most difficult keywords around.

Google Penalties are for people who try to cheat the system, his cutting edge avoids this and is very clean & transparent. You will not find this technique at any SEO meetup event because nobody else has found it. Nobody is talking about this, be   the third  to get ahead of your competitors. Two are already using it.

When this helps you to the elusive Google page for your business then it’s helped 1 good business out-there. If you are struggling, need assistance, just email him if the link is in place. Using this knowledge, please place a link at the bottom of your screen (as shown below bottom right) so others can learn from it too, thanks! It will save you and others out-there vasts amount of cash going down the Adwords method. Ads or Adwords is like renting an apartment or a home, you own nothing not even 1 brick. Here you own something, the knowledge. The idea of this website is to show people & businesses there is an ingenious way (a sort of quicker way to page 1) to increase your page ranking within Google’s search engine.

Apply It Right, but Keep Checking it’s Ranking Progress

The inventor saw a UK website who seems to know his technology well, he talks about it and writes. This guy stated the following; SEO is typically a 30 day repeated process. It’s not something you can do for a few times then switch it off, otherwise, your rank will slide & your competitors will overtake you. This is not true statement. This gentleman who has been doing seo for over 17 years has not thought about this new style. By using my “SEO secret formula”, you all can apply it right & then forget about it, but keep searching for it’s ranking progress.

Small People Vs Huge Businesses has same equality

   Inventors brings fresh and bright ideas to the   
 table so everybody has better ranking chances. 

It’s my Free Licence to Use, Use it.

Life is a learning curve, you just have to weed out the parochial trash from the genuine 1's!

If you are using this info, please add this yellow link in back-end coding at footer to bottom right of page so everybody else can benefit too from a free licence issue;
<p align="right">Making. <a href="http://www.shrinkfit.co.uk/ranking-page-one-google-new-seo-magic-inventor-james-gafis.htm">SEO</a>. Easier. For. All.
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