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PTFE Rod metric and imperial
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PTFE Rod Metric and Imperial sizes

Metric and Imperial extruders

We are one of the UK's leading extruders of imperial and metric PTFE rod. We strive to meet the needs of our customers whether large, medium or small.

PTFE Rod metric and imperial

Our R&D is a vital element for the survival to customers meeting the requirements of what each customer is looking for. They are machined to make precision components used in a wide range of engineering applications, eg; bushes, filters, plugs, valve seats, seal rings, are just a few. Smaller diameters are also used as dummy fillers on cable assemblies. As additional extras we offer in polytetrafluroethylene should there be a requirement for any of these and can make special profile to your requirements.

PTFE Rod offers limitless applications

PTFE Rod metric and imperial

Metric & Imperials has an almost limitless amount of applications due to its very low coefficient of friction. Specified for low friction bearings which makes for easy running and smooth operations. Along with bearings, these are very useful components for seals within valves due to its ability to conform to shape and shapes inside components, thus providing an excellent high temperature and acid resistant seal.

Polytetrafluoroethylene Areas

Polytetrafluoroethylene, excellent within the chemical industry due to it's excellent ability with strong acids, cryogenic applications, food processing, outer space, chemicals, fuels and petrochemical fluids, the list is endless.

High temperature and standards

These imperial and metrics are resistant to all chemicals and is practically inert against known elements and compounds, to solvents up to around 300C although best kept within operating temperature range of -70 to +260C. They are also resistant to atmospheric lights in the field showing no signs over a vast period to change characteristics. Shore hardness is D55, BS EN ISO 13000, BS6564.

Metric Sizes

CodeOuter Diameter
1.01.0   ±0.1
1.51.5   ±0.1
2.02.0   ±0.1
2.52.5   ±0.1
3.03.0   ±0.1
3.53.5   ±0.1
4.04.0   ±0.1
4.54.5   ±0.1
5.05.0   ±0.1
5.55.5   ±0.1
6.06.0   ±0.1
6.56.5   ±0.1
7.07.0   ±0.1
7.57.5   ±0.1
8.08.0   ±0.1
8.58.5   ±0.1
9.09.0   ±0.1
9.59.5   ±0.1
10.010.0  ±0.1

Imperial Sizes

CodeOD (inches)OD (mm)
1/320.031   ±0.0050.79   ±0.013
1/160.063   ±0.0051.59   ±0.005
3/320.093   ±0.0052.36   ±0.005
1/80.125   ±0.0053.18   ±0.005
5/320.156   ±0.0053.97   ±0.005
3/160.187   ±0.0054.75   ±0.005
1/40.250   ±0.0086.35   ±0.005
5/160.313   ±0.0087.94   ±0.005
3/80.375   ±0.0109.53   ±0.005


Imperial or metric sizes, available in 12 colours from our standard colour ranges. - BLK denotes colour: black and - NAT denotes colour: Natural or Clear.
Colours; Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray (Grey), White, Pink & Natural or Clear.

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Polytetrafluroethylene, yes.

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