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SEO Training Course
Search Engine Optimization

A revolutionary new style of SEO training gives you more customers & conversions with best ever search engine optimization course. Learn how to win over Google’s attentions.

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SEO Training Course Search Engine Optimization.

My in-house search engine optimization course delivers robustness for marketing managers,
entrepreneurs, startups, sole traders or just anybody how wants the KNOW in Knowledge.

Forgetful Training Sessions

With online training sessions, teachers & trainers go head first into the subject and forget to concentrate on a couple of vital areas pagespeed insights and mobile first for your business ranking. These are the areas to focus on before applying the new style of SEO course to your sites future best practice performances. You site has to be in tiptop condition just in case Google’s algorithm does another dance on sites. By updating their algorithm, they are searching for the best websites to put in front of visitors (and weeding out poor sites) viewing for their needs.

Pagespeed Insights is the first area most people forget to fully concentrate. If your loading page struggles to open, will it switch off your visitors, what do you think? Your visitors will bounce along to the next competitor never to return. I will show clever ideas on how to overcome some of these tricky errors like   eliminate render-blocking javascript & CSS above the fold content.   This one area stumps most people dead in their tracks. Now before I made this website, I did some testing today (02:02:2019) & just today (07:03:2019) on various websites on page one on Google to test their pagespeed scores. Here are the results of these companies that only rely on their backlinks to get on page one. See the results below. I am using my site plus 3 well-known websites currently ranking on page one.


Mobile friendly tests is the second area most people forget to fully concentrate. Many individuals checks to see if their page passes as Page is mobile friendly then leaves opening the bubbly without sitting down and having a good hard look around. Maybe just maybe there is a hidden message waiting for you. I have used the same 3 websites plus mine as a guide. This is what is included as part of your training.


Refining these areas shows to Google that you are a serious player and make them pay more attention towards your ranking goals. Getting mobile friendly fully passing, Google notifies you that your website will be more active on smart-phones, so more searchable appearance and better CTRs.

SEO is becoming Harder by the Month

Yep, SEO is becoming harder & harder as each month passes. I’ve even read this too. But I have a   secret weapon, it’s TNT   that nobody has or is talking about that makes life a whole lot easier. There is a online Myth floating around: If you build it they will come! People say I’m sorry to inform you, this isn't true, but with the weapon on board    ISN’T becomes IS!    I will show you skills to die for. You have your   content-is-king   and I have got the   TNT   that explodes any website into active Ranking Life. My up to 6 hours course SEO shows you tried and tested White Hat tactics that will deliver higher rankings, more traffic and conversations. Something you have to really consider and that is Time is Precious, tinkering by yourself waiting for GoogleBot to crawl and nothing happens, well that time-frame has disappeared and you will not get back that Time back. Invest for your future.

All you need to bring is yourself, your laptop, pens, paper and my  fee!  I will supply the Italian coffee that keeps you focused.

The average SEO company charges around £1,526 (€1,742 or $2,000) per month to manage a business through SEO. Multiply any of those figures x 12 months and the figures soon ramps upwards towards £18,320 (€20,914 or $24,000) per year. Costly yes. If anybody wanted my services on a 1 to 1 basis, I would charge at the very least £10,000 per annum. I had this idea over 10 years ago but could not get my ancient windows 95 computer to work. Upgraded to one better and WOW! Now I’m giving it away at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to employ the services of semrush because they do not have the knowledge. You will be able to offer a SEO Audit (not website audit) within 5 minutes. The days is waiting a couple of weeks are long gone. You have to know where to look and what to look for. You will be given a simple to use testing tool that you will treasure forever, it shows where you are going haywire and where to correct. Other testing tools are a bit more complicated but simple is key!

Search Engine Optimization or Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or optimization is all about what the individual or agency knows at the time of inputting their ideas finely modifying your website so Google can examine and see if it has the power to leap onto Page One. If the next guy along knows a little more knowledge then you will lose out on ranking based only on his/her knowledge. By using transparent White Hat methods to attract the attention of Google through finely tweaking at certain areas around your website improves visibility on search engines.

With my form of Search Engine Optimisation, I know what to look for and how to apply the TNT, it’s the KNOWING where to look that is clever.

I’m not an expert and there are no experts in this field, no top dog. There is always somebody who knows a little bit more than the other guys who just brag about being the Best of the Best. Refining Pagespeed Insights and Mobile First is your utmost priority. The only real area of interest you should be concentrating on these sections, except for blogs:

Once everything has been applied and fully tested, your ranking status will not be instant. A few months ago, you could see rapid results within 90-100 days. Today, this is probably because of Google’s algorithm updates, I have noticed it is taking a few months more to see the success you require. Google has within it’s algorithm a waiting room department period for all websites, so instant success is very limited. We all have to wait in the queue for full processing, a bit like queuing at passport control before going on a business trip. Search for the right course as your time is precious, once it’s gone it’s gone.

My course is not packed out with a huge library of worksheets, there are no resources, no ongoing spreadsheets, that way it becomes difficult to digest. I prefer the easy approach, practically everything on one website. Generally teaching and showing somebody on a one to one basis is far more knowledgeable than half a dozen or greater. This will be the best ROI you will spend to get ahead. The benefits are huge and unprecedented!


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