SEO Google high rankings seo top ranking SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing
Google Bing High Ranking SEO Content Web Host Fast Page Loading

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

Updated: 31 Aug 2017 : Bing and Google Top Ranking : Onsite Marketing - SEO beginners, strugglers & bloggers, need help conatct me.

Google Bing High Ranking Onsite Marketing
SEO Content Web Host Speed Page Loading

Bing, Google high rankings, helping owners with SEO
page loading speeds, rich content with onsite marketing to get a top ranking.

Onsite Marketing - Resolving Website Problems for Beginners & Strugglers

My ideology is to supply information to you the users who are looking at ways to correct your errors and propel your website upwards, I call this Onsite Marketing. Onsite Marketing is all about creating juicy content that will inspire you the target customer by answering and solving your problems and starting a genuine relationship. People have recurring problems and do not want to hear about what I have to offer them, they want solutions to resolve their problems. Here, basically the Art of being on Page #1 on any Search Engine is putting together the jumbled puzzle to make the complete picture of what I offer. There is no packages like bronze, silver, gold or platinum. People reading into will get answers here but it is how you piece the puzzle together to see the media image that attracts audiences. Feel free and it is best reading and re-reading what is offered here as the answers are here for you, you just have to dissect and analyse the juicy content being offered. Keeping it simple opens doors.

Web Hosting, Servers are King for Speed Page Loading

Find the Right UK Web Hosting servers for Speed Page Loading

Find the Right UK Web Hosting servers for Speed Page Loading

Find the right Web Hosting Servers for Speed Page Loading - Nobody ever discusses, so I will start talking about speed page loading subject of but it is thee most critical factor when someone decides to start thinking of an domain name for their e.g. wedding photography or wedding photographers business venture. I'll repeat it again another way, businesses wanting a high ranking on Google and Bing, before you decide on your domain name and where to buy it, study where their servers are based and do your homework to make sure their uptime in better than >99.9%, this helps with your SEO. For example, if your fitted kitchens business is within the UK, then it makes sense to have your servers here in the UK. Weddings in Australia, your server in Australia, okay. If someone clicks your website and your server in based in Germany or the USA then it will take a set amount of Time Delay to connect to your server abroad to show your website to open it, time delays you do not want, and if the web server operates at >99.9% your page loading speeds dies-the-death as people don't normally wait over 2-3 seconds for it to open, so your content is queen with your webhosting server is King. See below, look to the Server section, my website shown is at 100% so my content is king as the reverse happens when servers are fully active. Your website has to speed load rapidly, this is what Google wants to see, not 0% stopped working, your search engine position dives.

Server operates at 100%, yours has to be >99.9% for Google to consider you, just updated 7th Oct 2017

Just updated today 7th October 2017

Now that has been covered, let's discuss SEO! Need help, by all means contact me.

Top Rankings in SERPs on Search Engines

Check my SERP results, I have a knack for Organic Search, oops! no PPC, no Paid Ads Search, and no Social-Media. I offer good ROI for less is more using white hat methods.

If I can get you better than where you are currently are on search engines looking for my version of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) than I hope you will be content with this.

Unpaid search specialists is my SERPs avenue, so if you need Organic or Natural, Unpaid results, then help is at hand in Rochdale to achieve a google top rankings.

So, what is Search Engine Optimization or Optimisation?

It's got a really daft name, it should be "Websites Optimised for Google" or "WOfG" but it stands for Search Engine Optimisation (UK) or SE Optimizer (other countries). To achieve a top ranking can be explained in different ways: For example
1) Search Engine Optimization, the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's like Google and Bing in Unpaid SERPs results.
Or another way:
2) SEO is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website for search engines.

"Securing a listing on Google's top page for your selected search terms is one of the most coveted goals you need, it is a must have!"

Rochdale High Rankings - SEO Expert Less is More

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

Less Equals More Output

Less is more is a very powerful statement to offer within content internet marketing.

I have been doing some digging around for a while reading and studying, refreshing, re-optimising and experimenting with my own online business on how to advance search engine optimization to another level ahead of my competition, and it really has surprised me with strong SERP results. SEO less is more with powerful backlinks is an ideal platform for sole traders and small business to compete with the big players.

  Powerful backlinks are 24 carat gold, SEO Rochdale High Rankings Top Expert Less is More

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

PR9 Wicked Backlinks

The best place for backlinks, 3, 4 or 5 from here and you can forgot about finding more. If you are quite savvy person, it could be a hobby, could be gardening, could be photography or graphic designer. PR9 backlinks have been staring me in the face from day one of trying to understand how to get them. Obtaining back links is by far one of the strongest contextuals you could ask for. Backlinks will remain a vital component Google factor, effective link building is about Trust, Popularity and where to place them.

  Rochdale High Rankings SEO Expert Less is More

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

Online Marketing Help

Please do not ask me to make your website as you are probably doing a fine job of it yourself. But getting a seo top rankings on Google for e.g your graphic design team is very tricky indeed, I am working to get positioned there so you can find me. If you need any help, contact via email.

(Customers don't go past Page 1 when they are searching .... that's where you need to be on Page #1.)

If you want my Rochdale SEO Self Taught history skills knowledge then this is where I am currently based.

Position your business portfolio in Local, National or International markets

What is the nature of your business? It depends on your portfolio business products you offer online. My initial line of business was insulated cable and cable accessories, so global. I was getting customers for our hi-voltage wires that are made in Japan and selling these hi-volt wires back to Japan, funnily enough customers from all walks of life enquiring for my products, from UK to as far away as Japan and the USA. We even sold irradiated heat shrink to the USA that was purchased from the USA. Military and commercial business can be a funny old world.

From Lands End to John O Groats and over the waters in every direction

If from John O Groats to Manchester and Rochdale to Lands End and Internationally from USA, Australian, Canadian, German, Italian or Apulia customer comes-on-board with my Less really Is More approach looking for the best rankings on Google using white hat techniques, I will ask you for your content that they want to show to their customers and not to Google, your offering or selling your products to customers. Your content is assessed and refreshed, modified and examined methodically and in detail to add incremental snippets to propel your message to Google's robot. It will not uploaded until you have verified it's make up. This should in-turn lead to better sales and create results for your branded business. If the analysis and incremental adjustments of your site are done correctly, this increased visibility equates to increasing visitors, which leads to more enquiries and sales for your business through your site. With a huge percentage of internet users only using the 1st page when doing searches, you have to attain a very good listing for your website on search engines than your competitors, the more potential customers sees you, the better your chances of converting them into paying customers. Content is King, but it is how you write good content that makes it King. It has to be written in a fashionable way, this is where an expert becomes involved. "Any content is better than no content", but writing it in such a way that promotes the wellbeing for your business on search engines. When reviewing your high rankings phrases on Google or Bing, always view them in the inPrivate-mode, otherwise Google will rank it and give you a spurious position. For bing high rankings, do the same thing check inPrivate-mode.

My Recent Achievements for Organic SERPs

Expect an increase in 3-6 months for online web traffic with my seo less is more. Get increasing leads, and start to get found and appear more often by targeting relevant and related keywords and achieve page #1. If you want to be Number #1 on Google, expect to write at the very least 5,000 to 10,000 words.

Using 'less is more' techiques.

 Keyword phrasesSE's Google G or Bing BResultsPage
 SEO RochdaleG307,0001
 Rochdale SEOG329,0001
 Google high rankingsG157,000,0001
 Google high rankingsB94,100,0001
 Google high rankingG29,600,0002
 Google high rankingB92,300,0001
 Bing high rankingB89,400,0001
 Bing high rankingsB84,900,0001

These are just some of the results that are currently active on Google showing this remarkable "new fresher less is more" but it is an ongoing process just like providing results for your website too. Nobody can guarantee where you will rank, only google's robot, one must put in place a lot of research to achieve the results you desire.

Obstacles overcome to achieve a Top Position on Google, Bing and others not so stringent

finding the right passage through to get your website competing with the (dot)coms of this world can get you bogged you down stuck in a minefield on page #2 and further down the pages. It takes a while to achieve the objective, so patience is required, allow minimum 90 days to age or greater, the greater the better.

SEO Google High Ranking, obstacles rectified

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

Resolve the obstacles to overcome this difficult situation in achieving such a grand status. If yours does not command such a position you have to ask yourself why? Where YOU going wrong, maybe it's your yoast or wordpress that has affecting issues with loads of CSS and JS, is it your server, could it be your media files, or just maybe you are spamming yourself increasing keyword density to try and get there or just not enough content as you've probably read that Content is King.

Google Ranking Vs Page Loading Speeds

Loading Speeds for Google Top Ranking

SEO Google High Ranking, Top Clue is in the SEMarketing

I am old school using HTML, but before I talk about wordpress or yoast or whoever you are using, let's have a quick chat about the web hosting company you want to host your website. If like me your market is in the UK, then My web hosting company is here in the UK, that makes sense, yes and it's great for my loading speeds. But if like some I have seen, their market is the UK but there web hosting company is based in the USA, so when people search online for something and hopefully your website comes up to view, it can take a certain amount of time (0.1 to 0.5 seconds) to fly across the ocean and then a delay opening because your loading speeds are not in tip-top condition. How many people will wait for your website to open, not many? Another crucial factor is that the web hosters uptime has to be >99.9%. If it's less then, your server could be down abroad and does not load to view. Sales are lost because of this critical factor, overcome these obstacles and this will help in your page loading speeds with Google and you will be about 60-70% there to getting your ultimate goal on search engines.

Page loading speeds with wordpress, yoast for graphic designers

If you are using wordpress or yoast to produce an eye-catching wedding photography or graphic designer website you must read this based on your google loading speeds. Page load speeds (in my book) is the most critical factor to obtaining any chance of a listing on Google. If you use wordpress, yoast or any other makers to achieving a good quality website, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions, why do I have to use umpteen template CSS's and JavaScipts to achieve this. In some cases there are 20-30 javascripts and 10 css, why! Each CSS and JavaScript has to load individually and this can take a hell of a lot of milli-seconds, which delays loading speeds. Wordpress or yoast does not know how you are presenting your website so it will generate a huge combination factors of CSS (102kb) which amounts to vast kbs array of information for you to only use 1/20th of the kilobytes. Wouldn't it be better to make your own limited CSS and a few JavaScripts to aid development page loading speeds of your website and start competing with the websites on Page 1.

Text to html coding ratio helps with optimization loading speeds

Text to html coding aids SEO

Text to html coding aids SEO

Text to HTML coding ratio helps with loading speed optimization, why? HTML coding, if your websites layout is generated in a difficult format then the chances are that you web-coding is very large compared to what you have actually written. Example: Your web page size could be as large as 206KBs with code size of 192KBs compared to actual text size of 15KBs. Your rear code to text ratio is 7.07% which places you in a division on Google or Bing where nobody sees you but you. My website has a simple format, the web page size is 29KBs with code size of 19KBs compared to actual text size of 11KBs. My coding to text ratio rises from 7.07% to 37.1%. By using minification, a process of removing unwanted characters and removal of white-space software will greatly optimise page speeds. Emphasis on simpler html coding produces better text ratio to HTML.

Deletion of white space helps with optimization faster loading

Vaccuming up white space also helps with swifter loading - Formatting the coding by removing the coding white space reduces the KB length of the website which will gratefully help with page speed loading. It is a boring way to optimize your website but the end results in quicker loading speeds. An experiment was made on the 206KBs website and after vaccuming up all the unwanted white-space the actual page reduced by 17.5% losing nearly 35kBs of white-space.

Optimization Epilogue

My Epilogue - More and more people are searching forums looking quick answers to their prayers, the problem with SEO forums is that you have to digout the good information from the bad. Some members give out the wrong signals, you latch on them and get bogged down that avenue where it could something simple like too much CSS and JS's, text to HTML coding ratio or not enough content is the answer. At the end of the searching everybody wants to be on Page #1 of Google but this is where you have to apply some of your own effort to achieve it, whatever you do, "do not just buy backlinks" as Google will find out and knock you for six. Keep your website clean and simple and you will go far.

Hope you all have read and re-read this interesting topic, the clue's are here for you to digest, it's what I call Onsite Marketing. Keep referring back here as updates occur without notice.

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It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your SEO to stabilise on each search engine. Patience & self-restraint is required, this is why it is in your interest to get seen online as time tick-tocks but nobody can turn the clock back. Simply optimizing your website effectively will open doors & windows online. Your brand is waiting for inspiration from you. I do this as a hobby to enlighten people and help plus it helps optimise my brain cells and wanted to see how far up the scale I can get.           These results are unprecedented.