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Striving for top marketing for multi-billion dollar companies!


  Ranking Higher on Google   is 1 of thee most important factors ... but it is NOT by generating quality backlinks for your website but by making a well written material. What is dragging you down not looking for more backlinks? Think it through. Looking for more backlinks is a Myth (you do need some) just like ☛ Content is King ☚ is another SEO Myth. Ranking high on Google and ranking high on Bing is very important to drive more traffic to your site. If you are fully transparent and follow the white hat methods then you do not have to worry about Google's updates. Ranking high with SEO Bing and staying within their guidelines will not affect you because everything I do is fully transparent. If your business is within the UK and you want to use SEO Rochdale to get you on page one on Google you know what to do!

Securing a Google First Page for Keywords is 1 of the Most Coveted Goals

Marketing multi-billion dollar companies to get high rankings

Marketing multi-billion dollar companies to successfully rank on Google & Bing

Even Small unbranded websites like myself [I'm not a Speaker, ✍, Mentor, nor a Entrepreneur, just a lone seo who strives to succeed] should and are able to rank well via Google & SEO Bing just like the muliti-billion dollar companies. Writing good written work after dissecting the issues with page loading speeds, ranking high on Google is possible for all. My ideology offers to million dollar companies and webmasters who are looking at ways to correct their errors and propel your website skywards, a term called Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is all about creating high ranking Google material that will inspire you and their target customer by answering and solving your problems and starting a genuine alliance. People have recurring problems are not interested in what I have to offer them, some do, they want clues to resolve their problems. People of Manchester, California to New York, the Art of being in Page #1 in any Search Engine is putting together the jumbled puzzle to make the complete picture. People reading into will get answers here but it is how you piece the jig-saw puzzle together to see the picture that attracts audiences. Feel free and it is best reading and re-reading what is offered here as the answers are here for you, you just have to dissect and analyse the juicy material being offered. For a Google high ranking keeping it simple will opens doors. Top Priority in marketing, focus is your host server to get your online marketing problems solved.

PageSpeed Loading is Aided by Web Servers

PageSpeed Loading is Aided by Web ServersPageSpeed Loading is Helped by Web Servers

Web Servers are King & Content is Queen

If your web server does down your ranking follows suit. The customer doesn't know why, and goes searching forums for answers; even some experts in this field are clueless with no answer. The answer is, if your current electricity provider has a steady power supply running to your Server, and the web-hoster has back-up battery power, then it's your Server that's timed-out, crashed or down for maintenance. So Content is Queen if and when your server is disabled. It will happen some time down the line and it will affect your ranking. Find the right Web Hosting Servers for Speed Page Loading - Nobody ever discusses, so I will start talking about speed page loading subject. This is thee most critical factor for bloggers, web designers, when people decide of a domain name for their business venture. I'll repeat it again another way, businesses wanting a SERPs top ranked Google and Bing, before you leap for your domain name and where to buy it, study where their servers are based and do your homework to make sure their Uptime in better than >99.9%, this helps later with your   SE Optimizer  . For example, if your business is within the UK, then it makes sense to have your servers here in the UK. Do business in your own country your server must be in your own country. If your server is in Germany or the USA then it will take a set amount of Time Delay to link to your server abroad to show your website to open it, time delays you do not want, and if the web server operates at >99.99% your page loading speeds dies-the-death as people do not normally wait over 2-3 secs for it to open, so your   Contents Queen   with your web server is King. Look to the Server, my server shown is at 100% so my written script is King as the reverse happens when it's are fully active. Have a   Free website checking   installed. You might require a   web security company   for your site. Your website has to speed load rapidly, this is what Google wants to see, not 0% and your search engine listing drops.

  View My 99.999% Server  
Server 99.999%

Look to the Server, 2nd from bottom, shown above is at 100% so my script is King as the reverse happens when it's are fully active. Get a free website checking site installed today. Your website speed has to load rapidly, not 0% and your search engine listing drops. If you have found this written material interesting what you have read, place this   website via your facebook page   for other friends and business associates to read, thanks. Remember every little engaging adjustments you make will boost up your top ranking on Google

Now that has been covered, let's discuss Search Engine Optimiser. Need help, by all means   get in touch, engage!  .

Top Ranking in Natural Organic SERPs

If you have found me via Bing from my Organic SERP results, I have a method for Organic Search, do not offer PPC, no Paid Ads Search, and no Social-Media. I offer ROI for less is more using white hat methods. If I can get you better than where you are currently are in search engines looking for my category than I hope you will be happy with this. Unpaid search specialists is my SERPs avenue, so if you need Organic or Natural, Unpaid results, then help is at hand not from a company Rochdale SEO to achieve a google top rankings.

So, what is Search Engine Optimizer?

It's got a really daft name, it should be Websites Optimised for Google - [WOfG] but it stands for Search Engine Optimisation (UK) or SE Optimizer (other countries). To achieve a top ranking it can be explained in different ways: For example
❶ Search Engine Optimizer, the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's like Bing in Unpaid SERPs results.
Or written another way:
SEO is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website for search engines. Basically he or she will dissect your webpage to rectify if any online marketing problems arise and get them resolved.

A Digital Marketing Site Designed Without Fast Loading
Speeds & no 21 century SEO Technology Is A Total Waste of ROI

It is like on a windy day opening a window and tossing out your £ € notes, it's gone with the wind.

It's a Touchy subject below, hint!

Rochdale High Rankings SEO Expert Less is More

SEO Less is More

Less input with better ranking. Really less is more, a very powerful statement to offer within SEM marketing. I have been researching for a while, refreshing, re-optimising and experimenting with my own business. How to advance to another level ahead but not from blogs but your competitors, and it really has surprised me with robust SERP results. SEO less is more combined with powerful backlinks is an ideal platform for sole traders and small business to compete with the big e-commerce. People have to think the opposite way to get better ranking on Search Engines.

Your website needs powerful backlinks

Backlink High Sites

Backlinking, ⛓ your website needs some form of backlinks for accessing a better rankings. The best place for backlinks, if you get 3, 4 or 5 from this place I know and you probably seen it every time you search. If you are quite savvy people, it could be a hobby, web design, photography or graphic designer. Best backlinks have been staring me in the face from day 1 of trying to understand how to get them. Obtaining back links is by far 1 of the best contextuals you could ask for. Backlinks will remain vital to G's factors, effective link building is about Trust, Popularity and where to place them for your website. Imagine the scenario, one day soon, Google withdrew backlinks from the Algorithm formula, where would your rankings be if this were to happen. Searching for backlinks is a   cheating way  to gaining that top spot ranking everybody wants. Your websites SEO must be poor for you to go searching. Backlink plasters to correct your outflow of ranking will not correct errors on your site. You can get-there without hunting for more backlinks, it’s been proved.

Inbound Marketing

Bing or Google

Get in touch for Assistance. Web design do not ask me to make your website as you are probably doing a fine job of it yourself unless your snookered for the seo and need website help. But getting a seo top rankings for e.g your graphic design team is very tricky indeed, I am there so can find me. If you need any help, get in touch via email. "Customers do not go past Page 1 when they are searching .... that's where you need to be Page #1." If you want my secret   Self Taught History & Secret   skills knowledge, get in touch.

High SEO High Ranking with obstacles rectified

Resolve Google Top Listing

Bing is not as stringent, G is! Finding the right passage through to get your website competing with the (dot)coms of this world can get you blogged down stuck in a minefield. It takes a while to achieve the objective, so patience is required, allow minimum 100 days to age the greater the better. Resolve the obstacles to overcome this difficult case in achieving such a grand status. If yours does not command such a placement, ask yourself why? Refine your CSS and JS, is it your server, could it be your media files, or just maybe you are spamming yourself increasing keyword density to try and get there or just not enough written material as you've probably read that Content is King IF your Server is fully working.

PageSpeed Rankings is your Goal

PageSpeed Rankings Goal

Pagespeeds rankings has to be your number 1 Goal. Mobile’s coming this year 2018, getting this right solves half the battle. My web hosting company is here in the UK, that makes sense, yes and it's great for my loading speeds. Get your servers based in your country. When people search for something and hopefully your website comes up to view, it can take a certain amount of time (0.1 to 0.5 secs) to fly across the oceans or countries. A delay occurs in-opening because your loading speeds are not in tip-top shape. Another crucial factor is that the web hosters uptime has to be >99.99%. If it's less, your server could be down abroad and will not load. Ranking slips, sales are lost because of this top critical factor. Resolve these issues to help in your page loading speeds with G and you will be about 60-70% there to getting your ultimate goal.

Minification of JS and CSS

Minify Your Coding

Minifying helps tackle loading speeds. By minifying, a process of removing unwanted characters, broken-links, like vaccuming up dusty or dirty carpets or mopping up the dirty floor, line breaks and removal of white-space will greatly enhance page speeds. KAYAK the Hotels search engine is one I tried it out, website 492kb, minified down to 335kb a whopping saving just of over 35%, the minification took under 60 seconds. More emphasis with simpler html coding produces better text ratio to HTML. Minifiy white space will greatly increase loading. Removing the html-coding white space reduces the KB length of the website which will gratefully help with page speed loading. It is a boring way to optimize your website but the end results in quicker loading speeds.

Your Markets in where: Local or Global Marketing

What is the nature of your business? It depends what your portfolio business products are. My initial line of business was insulated cable and cable accessories, so my marketing field was global. Customers came in for our hi-voltage wires were ordered that are made in Japan and selling back to Japan. From UK to as far away as Japan and the USA. We even sold irradiated thermoplastics to the USA that was purchased from the USA. Business can be a funny old world, so market yourself to focusing areas Locally or Worldwide.

From Manchester to New York, California to Vancouver

If from Manchester to New York, Rochdale to Lands End, California to Vancouver with multi-billion dollar, sterling, euro customers comes aboard. With my Less really Is More approach looking for the best rankings via search engines using white hat techniques. Your written material will be assessed, refreshed, modified with 21st century search engine optimization (by thinking outside the box), examined methodically and in detail to add incremental snippets to propel your message to Google's robot. It's uploaded when you are happy. This wll in-turn lead to better Bing and G's traffic sales and create results for your branded business. If the analysis and incremental adjustments of your site are completed correctly, this increased visibility equates to increasing visitors, which leads to more enquiries and sales for your business through your site. With a huge percentage of internet users using the 1st page when doing searches, you have to attain a very good listing for your website with search engines than your competitors, the more potential customers sees you, the better your chances of transforming them into paying customers. Written material is King, but it is how you write high quality material that makes it King. It has to be written in a stylish way, this is where an expert becomes involved. Any content is far better than nothing, but writing it in such a way that promotes the well-being for your business in search engines. When reviewing your high rankings phrases in Google or Bing, always view them in the inPrivate-mode, otherwise looking for your ranking high on Google will give you a spurious rank. For Bing high rankings, do the same thing inPrivate-mode.

Organic or Natural SERPs you cannot get Page 1 of any search engine overnight.

Expect an increase in 1/2 to 1 year for SERPs traffic with my less is more, but with a huge exposure on around pages 2-5 for a while. Get increasing leads, and start to get found and appear more often by targeting relevant and related keywords and achieve page #1. If you want a high Google rankings, expect to write at the very least 5,000 to 10,000 words.

Web Design SEO

My SEO web design has responsive and very fast loading. Google loves it already and if you like the same layout, get in touch.

Drop me a line about the web design and let's discuss with your material what I can do for yourself. With this simple but effective layout web design, you have to have a fully working optimised product in place so you can compete with big e-commerce via any search engines. Which do you prefer a slow loading website or a ultra fast loading web designed platform.

Optimize Epilogue

More and more people are searching forums looking quick answers to their problems, the problem with top forums is that you have to digout the good clues from the bad. Some members give out the incorrect signals, and you get bogged down that avenue where it could something simple like too much CSS and JS's, text to HTML coding ratio or not enough written material is the answer. At the end of the searching everybody wants to be Page #1 of Google but this is where you have to apply some of your own effort to achieve it, whatever you do, do not just buy backlinks as G will find out and knock you for six. Keep your website coding clean and simple and you will go far. Hope you all have read and re-read this interesting idea, the clues are here for you to digest, it's what I call Inbound Marketing. Keep referring back here as updates occur without notice.

Anybody Can Get High on Google Without Any SEO in Ads

Ads can get you sitting top of the tree but it comes at a price, but can you afford it (hover below)

  this is what happens  

Google Ads robs you blind and it's credit down the pan.

and also
  this is how you feel  
           Not a happy bunny

With far less pounds or dollars or euros in your pocket. This is what happens and then you will feel like this every 30 days, until you halt the process and move to an expert who has Solved Google's Algorithm formula and will work tirelessly until your goals are achieved.

Top 95% Multi-billion dollar companies Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, HPE, Facebook and Google

To date, if only 0.1% of the 95% of the multi-billion dollar companies actually saw how I input this technology that explodes by boosting their website upwards to Google's page one in under 100 days, the other 94.9% would follow suit in an instance. Multi-billion dollar companies such as: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, HPE, Facebook and Google of all people.

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