Teaching "SEO Self Taught" Secret for Google or Bing

Teach SEO self taught, my secret teaching the correct way to optimise your website for Google & Bing to get on page 1 my secret at footer

Currently on Page 1 of Google UK and Google USA for various high powered ranking keywords, you can be there too, the google secret can be had at the footer, but shhh it's a secret SEO.

Teaching SEO Self Taught
Teach you how I Taught Myself SEO
Teach you how I Taught Myself SEO
SEO Self Taught
Taught Myself SEO, I can teach you too
To Rank High on Google & Bing

SEO Teach

Pre teaching years

Before SEO self taught years, from an Engineering background, I moved to S&M working in Portsmouth. Their portfolios were cable accessories. Never heard of their products but went at it like a "bull in a china shop". Was told I did pretty well, but sadly got made redundant. I decided to enter the business world myself and after a while I had to learn the secret and teach myself seo as others I used were not up to scratch. With this valuable knowledge I could optimise my own website to rank a very broad global range of customers that brought income. As the UK internet started taking off, I knew I had some fantastic materials but did not get the required click through ratio that was required. I employed a company to get my website seen. Initially it worked for over 6 months, but 1 week-end, I did an investigation and keyed in a keyword and an inner page that came up which was not connected in any capacity to that subject. (see next column).

Teach to Rank

More about Myself

Something wasn't right, I knew I had do it myself to read into how to market my web-presence myself and this is where (by chance) I stumbled across the answer to my prayers. I am not generally a reader of any books but this topic has inspired myself how I taught myself SEO. Read and re-read to learn all I needed to know about Search Engine Optimisation or Optimization for the USA to achieve a Google or Bing high rankings.

All the information is here, you have probably read it time and time again until the penny has dropped.

Your brain-waves have to be re-tuned to teaching yourself SEO with an added advantageous knowledge that most SEO experts cannot grasp which will be provided exclusively to anyone that comes on board.

It is vital for your business rankings.

My business ranks well

Web Design SEO

Website Speed Ranking with the added Ultra Fast loading speeds

If you are interested in this style of web design which has the required ultra fast speed loading features built in to gain an advantage over others to rank successfully.

Drop me a line and let's discuss with your material what I can do for yourself with this simple but strong layout. A large part of it is teaching the customer all about SEO web design. The customer paying needs to understand the what, the where, and the why you are inputting and understanding what they are paying for and can use this information later down the line on other web configurations.

It is a form of additional teaching SEO lesson. You have to have a fully working SEO in place so you can compete with big e-commerce on any search engines which is your ultimate goal.

Learn to Optimise your Website as Without it You Will Struggle to Compete

Teaching SEO

Contact by Gmail

Many years ago I used my ????@shrinkfit.co.uk as an email address and was bombarded with heaps and heaps of spam. Within 5 minutes my website was down. I had gone over my bandwidth through no fault of my own and had to upgrade to a higher bandwidth which incurred additional costs. All email that does here bounces back. Ever since that dark period, I decided never to be in that situation ever again. Instantly I moved all my business contacts over to Gmail.com, my secret was to never looked back. I use Gmail here and prefer to be contacted by email only and not by mobile or telephone. Contact by email produces hard-copies to follow.
Get in touch, contact myself by email on Onsite Marketing.

Presence after SEO

Presence after SEO for Growth

Expect an increase in 3-6 months for online web traffic with my seo less is more. Get increasing leads, and start to generate and appear more often by targeting relevant and related keywords and achieve page #1. If you want to be Number #1 on Google, expect to write at the very least 5,000 to 10,000 words, 2,000 words is just fine for me, it will get myself highly ranked on Google and Bing high rankings. Some say you can get very quick results by using Black Hat Techniques, it is possible but you will not sustain a high ranking for long. I only use White Hat Techiques (transparency coding) in my SERPs field and Google knows this as currently my main page is on Page #1 on Google and / or Bing.

Inbound Marketing

Optimise Your Website

Come on-board

The hand of SEO teaching can be successful, so let us work together to getting webmasters, beginners and SEO strugglers to the top competing with the branded named companies.

Working together indicates you'll require an SEO consultant like myself to walk you through the SEO process correcting and altering within the website. By coming on-board and with us working together I will teach you the correct way to optimise your website so you will know for future development and there will be no need to employ others again. This applies to all webmasters and SEO strugglers.

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