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SEO Traffic, Search Engine Optimization & Optimisation High Ranking Serps

SEO Traffic, Search Engine Optimization & Optimisation High Ranking Serps

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Search Engine Optimisation SEO Optimization High Ranking Serps

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Boosting Traffic Search Engine Optimisation SEO Optimization

Boosting High Ranking Traffic

What actually is Search Engine Optimization, it can be explained in 2 ways:
❶ The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's like Bing in Unpaid, Natural or Organic high ranking SERPs traffic results.
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website for search engines. Basically the SEOs will dissect your webpage to rectify if any online marketing problems that arise and get them resolved. In a simpler way of understanding. Google and other search engines wants you to get your website in order so search engines can sweep or crawl your website in a faster way without encountering block agents in the process. If they find blocking agents and anything suspicious going on, then maybe they will give you a bad present in the form of a penalty. You have to make life easy for them to navigate around your webpage. If they find written content to their liking you can find you get access to the first page overnight. It is possible and it makes Google sit up by pulling your website down to do some in-depth algorithmic checking. If anything goes well, you will return with a vengeance back sitting on page 1 for search engne optimization.

Keyword Rich Content Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Rich Content

Google, Microsoft and Bing use spiders or bots to determine your ranking as a form of search engine optimization. If all is well on the navigational front, they browse mostly your keyword written rich content to determine your rankings by looking for long tailed written content should anyone search these phrases. The information collected will determine the relevance of your page when anybody types in a specific keyword that resembles yours. However these spider cum bot pieces of software cannot understand media files so adding a title will enhance what the media file actually is to them.

Backlinks helps the SEO process

Backlinks Helps the Process

Backlinks helps the search engine optimization process along with seo traffic. Your website will need some form of backlink to be able to rank a chance of getting high ranking on search engines. You do not need many as most people or companies keep churning the same line of bad rubbish. If your content is badly written then by hunting for high ranking backlinks to rectify your problems will not work. If Google does not accept your written content as good to brilliant then searching for backlinks will be a total waste of your valuable time and effort. Your content will have to re-written in a said fashion for them to rank you highly.

Search engine optimisation and positioning high ranking SERPs has become a bit of science to some and an art to others. I do not see it this way, if you have the best possible combination of seo secret recipe installed then it generally is a right that you rank high enough to get onto page 1 on Google after their ageing process. Google shouts that nobody can get onto page one overnight, it is not possible, but I have proved them wrong again. Most things you hear or have read when Google talks are lies. It is possible to get a page one rank overnight. Back in 2002-2003 I was naive about this subject, I read and read and read into everything on it. I listened and heard the same lies and took it as Gospel truth. Today, I know that by thinking outside the box and by operating using a clean and transparent coding method that my websites will never get a penalty and they know this.

Question to ask before empolying your next A+ SEO company is, what would be the first thing they would look to before they start doing anything concerning SEO on your website? Answer, I would be searching something 100s or thousands of miles away to see how your loading from your Server is acting. If it's uptime is less than 99.99% then I would instruct you to consider moving to a network that is and in your own country. Why? Because one day as googlebot crawls your site and the server has timed out or is down for maintenance, googlebot thinks the website is dead and your high ranking starts dropping.

Looking for investors interested in online business opportunity for my SEO secret formula recipe. It has been thoroughly thought through, tried and tested and it has explosive potential and never gets a penalty. You will need a couple of backlinks but afte that you do not even need to search for backlinks. The recipe is so powerful the earning potential is electrifying, nobody is talking about it, that is why it is   unique!  

This is what you must aim for to ranking successfully for Organic, Natural or Unpaid SERPs Traffic

  PageSpeed Insights for Mobile 99%

  PageSpeed Insights for Desktop 94%

  Search Engine Optimization Score 90%

  Web Server greater than 99.99%

  Loading times 50% faster than standard load value of 0.2 secs.