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Search Engine Optimisation

Outsource for SEO Outsourcing

Are you trawling the internet for an SEO outsourcer for an outsourcing SEO company, then look no further if you are a small business or sole trader. What I can offer you is super high quality search engine optimisation of the highest quality. I will be covering this area later down the website.

Most freelancers and Agency's forget to concentrate on these vital areas for your business ranking. These are the areas to focus on before applying the science of SEO to your sites future best practice performances. You site has to be in tiptop condition just in case Google’s algorithm does another dance on sites. By updating their algorithm, they are searching for the best websites to put in front of visitors (and weeding out poor sites) viewing for whatever your demands are.

Pagespeed Insights is the first area freelancers and agencies forget to concentrate. See below images showing a typical seo company who offers such the same deal to small to medium businesses and very large businesses but their pagespeed is shockingly bad.

Pagespeed Insights, take a look at mine, I’m hitting high in the green zone (Mobile 99% & Desktop 100%) which indicates to Google that this site is super fast loading.   Try Pagespeed-Insights for yourself.   Place more emphasis on your Mobile over desktop.

These 3 boxes are touchy subjects.

Pagespeed outsourcing, outsource your SEO

Pagespeed Poor Loading

This company has forgotten to or does not know how to optimise their loading speeds hitting the high echelons of the green zone thus showing Google that their website is not fully optimised. The website starts the third letter after se is an o. It would be unethical to show the full domain name. Small business and sole traders, the avenue of seo is saturated, it is a buyer beware, do your homework otherwise you will have a mirror image to their website.

Superfast Pagespeed SEO Outsourcing Outsource

Pagespeed Fast Loading

Before any focus on SEO is considered, focus on these areas, pagespeed and thereafter mobile first. Pagespeed Insights has to be the foremost top priority for any website owner. There are clever modifications, such as image optimisation, minification and modification of CSS, HTML, JavaScipts, & LD-JSONs that are used which will vastly improve your website so we can move over to the next process which is mobile first or as some call it mobile friendly.

Get in Touch If You Are Stuck

Mobile First Errors

This company I have used as a template opened the bubbly a touch too soon. They think they have been successful on their travels with Mobile Friendly or as some call it at the Mobile First testing platform. They saw the message that states Page is Mobile ready when in fact they missed the red oblong section that shows this symbol ⚠ and reads Page loading issues VIEW DETAILS that has Mobile first errors. There must be millions or even billions of website owners that missed this hidden message that was waiting for them to read. When you are being rushed by your Agency superiors and most are, these little errors can have huge implications on your business. This is why you need to locate the right male or female source to help you overcome these areas before any search engine optimisation takes place.

My Outsourcing Skills for Search Engine Optimisation

Mobile First Passes Fully

Look to Green Oblong

I have to be honest with any visitors reading here, I missed this area the first time. I made some alterations to the website and retried the test and saw the same message Page is Mobile Friendly.

As I was about to leave, something caught my eye. This ⚠ indicates an error had occurred and needs addressing. Google will not tell you, but they left a message. I read it and understood straightaway, rectified this error, today, I am fully mobile first and not just partially mobile first. If you are searching for a seo outsourcing then you have found the right person.

Some of the biggest SEOs in this field has missed this critical message and also some high powered speakers that do talks at SEO Conferences but cannot rectify their own website.

So to clarify, I am Pagespeed optimised and fully mobile first passed. I also possess a new style of SEO that runs instead of walks towards Page 1. The name of the game is to rub shoulders with the big hitters in Page One, it is where the business is.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about what the individual or agency knows at the time of inputting their ideas. By using transparent White Hat methods to attract the attention of Google through tweaking at certain areas around your website improves visibility on search engines. There are no experts in this field, no top dog, there is always somebody who knows a little bit more than the other guys who just brag about being the top dog. Refining Pagespeed Insights and Mobile First is your utmost need. The only real area of interest you should be concentrating on these sections:

Once everything has been applied and fully tested, your ranking status will not be instant. A few months ago, you could see rapid results within 100 days. Today and it is probably because of Google’s algorithm updates, I have noticed it is taking a few months more to see the success you require. Google has within it’s algorithm a waiting room department period for all websites, so instant success is very unlimited. We all have to wait in the queue for full processing, a bit like queuing at passport control before going on a business trip. Search for the right outsource SEO individual or agency or try your own in-house work. Bear in mind, your time is precious, you will not get back the time spent trying various ways of getting the results you require by doing it in-house.

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