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Small Businesses Cutting Edge SEO

SEO cutting edge technology for small businesses that guarantees your scoring will increase from 20% 50% or higher, open to sole traders & the self employed too. Currently 2 businesses like the concept and have and are inputting my interesting formula. Maybe a 3rd tomorrow afternoon, who knows.

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Small Businesses Cutting Edge SEO

Small Businesses Cutting Edge SEO.

Small Business Ranking Page One On Google SuccessfullyPeople start a small business generally from home or a garage (as Google did) in varying sectors from baking, delicatessens, to trades-people such as electricians (sparks), carpenters, plumbers, plasterers through to web designers and bespoke software engineers. At a professional level, lawyers, accountants, dentists, and private doctors, the list of endless. Most people that purchase a website try with all their might to get onto the coveted page one on Google. This is their goal, most only dream of sitting there. Times have changed for the little guy or lass working from her basement flat. You can now command and turn that dream into reality. Hello guys, have you read online that people have written  there are no shortcuts    or    trust no shortcuts solutions.    I find the problem with these comments are: that they have never researched or searched for a solution, so this is all they can write. They go on to say, businesses can spend vast amounts of money on search engine optimisation to get onto the coveted first page on Google. Want to get on the coveted first page on Google, now you can folks. It does not take time to build and develop trust and authority. It can happen straightaway after you visit Google’s waiting room department. Google does a double take instantly seeing massive improvements of your search engine optimisation. I’ve invented something truly amazing, I was not going to dilvuge but had a change of heart. My invention comes in the shape of a shortcut, now by writing the word “shortcut” it might put some people and small businesses off this interesting subject.

Which are you Open Minded or Parochial

You have got to have an open-mind instead of a parochial view point.

Currently below are 2 particular small businesses, one we connected on LinkedIn. I think he employs just a few people who needed that edge to drastically improve their standing on Google.

Andrei was the first, he said he was sitting at 60th position on Google, page 6 to you and me. I think he was closer to pages 10 and beyond. But no matter, I sent him my formula, he has 3/4 implemented, today his SEO scoring has improved by a whopping 23% from 62% to currently at 85%. I’m still waiting for the backlink that was asked. The second guy came across my cutting egde SEO by chance but was glad that he did he said. He wanted knowledge on his pityful pagespeed scoring. I provided him with my knowledge plus other aspects of my search engine optimisation tactics and he stated that: “I made his day today”.

I will guarantee your scoring or any websites score will increase dramatically from 20% to as much as 50%.

Anybody that comes on board that wants more work coming in to their website instead of waiting and waiting, please get in touch.

✅      Poole Software   - Andrei was scoring just 62%, and now it’s 85%, scores 95% for Software alone.
✅     Hitesh was scoring just 55%, now it’s 78%, but scores 92% for freelancer.    SEO Freelancer Delhi.  
✅   https://www. Could be a new user called Francis G taking up the challenge.

Small Businesses Cutting Edge SEO & Sole Traders up North

If there are any small businesses or sole traders North of Crewe reading into this and wants to see a vastly improved scoring for their website guaranteed, feel free to     get in touch with me.   I’m sick of seeing all our taxes are being invested in London with the crumbs distributed to other towns and cities in the North. I am hoping to make the North, the powerhouse of the North for small business and sole traders. Could you cope with huge amounts of work by sitting on the coveted top page of Google within 90 to 120 days time. These 2 guys above have got in ahead of you, I wonder who is next! It is probably Francis from up Lancashire way. If you are a medium to large corporation that wants in, then I believe you have huge pockets and can pay for it.

Pagespeed & Mobile First Pass or Partially only

Are you wondering like I am thinking, it’s all well and good to a point. What is your pagespeed scoring (I hit 99% on mobile) and / or Mobile first tests like (I fully pass this test and not just partially), check them for yourself. I have nothing to hide. All I ask for is a backlink and facebook like so others can get at the secret and reap the rewards.

My Tech KnowHow for Self Employed

Ranking Page One On Google Very SuccessfullyHello, I’m NOT an award winning freelance designer, or a writer, keynote speaker (but need to be), or digital marketer. I do possess something others would die for, knowledge over all others, it is my revolutionary cutting edge SEO. Do you want to out-perform your competitors and improve the sales conversion rate for visitors to your website? I’m Jaroslaw [ Slough ] Pidburskyj, with my cutting edge SEO   technology you do not learn some tricks and tips but the key facts. I’m more factual than tips and tricks. When you find me you will never need to employ an search engine optimisation company again. I have only been active fully since 2017 but I can guarantee that your scoring will increase from 20% to 50% or higher. That is how confident I am. If you think this is something that you need make the choice through me and let’s work together. In today’s global marketing economy, it is essential to have the right tool in place to grow your brand recognition to attract increasing visitors that will convert into customers. My tool commands the authority and respect from Google that justifies your page one serps ranking. I am passionate about this subject. Perhaps this guy has something special about him and you would be right, I have.

  SEO  by - J[Slough]P, the guy who thought this up!