Viton heat shrink Fluoroelastomer heat shrink viton AMS-DTL-23053/13 Viton

Viton E RW200-E heat shrink

Fluroelastomer-plus, alternative to RW-200-E & Viton-E fluoroelastomers

Fluoroelastomer-plus heat shrink RW-200-E alternatives

Extremely flexible, from the fluoro-elastomer family of heat shrinks

Fluoroelastomer-plus is a very flexible high temperature heat shrink tubing, an ideal fluoro elastomer to protect electronic and electrical sensitive components to the toughest and harshest environmental conditions at an amazing +220C, makes this material a suitable alternative to RW200-E & Viton-E.

Fluoroelastomer family

From the fluroelastomer high temperature family of polymers providing a very flexible tubing, flame retardant, highly abrasion resistant and protects against corrosive fluids at extremely high temperatures over and above standard 200C, this fluoro-elastomer operates at +220C.

 Heat shrink Viton

Unique Applications

It has unique blends and is primarily used in the Military : Aerospace : Defence : Commercial Oilfields : Gas & Oil Platforms : Offshore : Petrochemical : Oil & Diesel harness applications for its oil and diesel protection capabilities.

Fluoroelastomer Approvals

These are some of the stringent approvals for this premium grade fluoroelastomer; AMS-DTL-23053 | DEF STAN 59 97 | VDE | VG 95343 | PAN standards.


Recovers to

Wall Thickness

inches mminchesmminchesmm
1/83.21/161.6 0.0310.8
3/164.83/322.4 0.0350.9
1/46.41/83.2 0.0350.9
3/89.53/164.8 0.0401.0
1/212.71/46.4 0.0471.2
3/419.13/89.5 0.0551.4
125.41/212.7 0.0711.8
1.538.13/419.1 0.0952.4
250.8125.4 0.1112.8

Data specification

  Tensile Strength18MPA
  Longitudinal Change+/-10%
  Elongation Heat aging 168hrs @ +250C220%
  Elongation Heat shock 4hrs @ +300C250%
  Tensile Strength heat Aging 168hrs @ +250C14MPa
  Tensile Strength Heat Shock 4hrs @ +300C17MPa
  Low Tempertaure Flexibility @ -55CDoes not break
  Dielectric Strength16kV/mm
  Corrosive ActionNon-corrosive
  Copper CompatibilityNon-corrosive
  Chemical ResistanceVery Good
  Water Absorption0.2%
  Colours: Special non standardUpon request
  PrintabilityVery Good
  Hot StampingVery Good
  Ink Jet PrintingGood

EMS8 fluro-elastomer operates at -55 to +200C. Fluoroelastomer+ suitable Alternative to RW200-E & Viton-E

Increasing temperature to 220C for RW200-E as a more than suitable alternative

Viton fluoroelastomer

Fluoro-elastomer-plus -55C to +220C

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2003/11/EC compliant, Yes

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